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Personality Links: Personality Types as Students, Retail Workers, Etc.

Frank James has this hilarious series in which he portrays each Myers-Briggs type in a particular situation. The most recent one is students and I think that is my favorite (works for college too), but retail workers is close too.

Another YouTuber Bogdan Yakubets (he doesn’t have a playlist) also does these type of videos. He has different ones from Frank James, I think the 16 personalities in a Fight is the funniest, but then I tend to be combative type.

I have this folder full of links for link posts, and I feel like I’ve used these before, but I didn’t see the posts, so oh, well.

Personality Geography of the United States. This is so interesting. Kentucky is one of the most introverted and turbulent. Um, yeah.

World Personality test. This categorizes some major countries by personality (each country has one), and then matches you to your country personality match. You then can see which country you got, which countries would also work for you, which countries wouldn’t work for you, and then the stereotype map (how others view the countries) and the introspection map (how countries view themselves). I guess the most accurate place would be when the view of others matches the view of themselves (biases cancel out).

I got Germany, I think the first time a few years back, which is VERY rules based, so NO. This time I got Argentina, but I thought they were supposed to be the snobbier country of South America(?), so I don’t think that would work either. I’m not a chill person, but I only want to be around chill people (those are the only people who could handle me, lol). What is the most laid-back country?



  • a.n.g.

    Love Frank James! He’s hilarious. It’s fun how he plays with stereotypes. I really like C. S. Joseph for “mbti” information. He seems the most accurate, and I appreciate his honesty even if he does ramble a lot. XD

    • Livia Rose

      I know I’m really enjoying the series, they seem to get better and better. I feel I might have seen C.S. Joseph, but I’ll have to check. I just have a problem with the whole framework. It’s great if people can click with a type, it’s not great when they try to fit the whole world into 16 types.

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