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I know I’ve mentioned John B. Crist before, his latest collaboration with Trey Kennedy is Honest Wedding Thoughts and it is spot on.

I guess I hadn’t realized Trey Kennedy was another YouTuber (shows how disconnected I can be, apparently he was a fairly popular Viner?) until now, um, guys, he’s hysterical, he’s funnier than Crist, I think. Here is the spot on Real Life Translations. What people say, or rather I should say Americans, maybe more specifically, Midwesterners and Southerners, and what they actually mean. I’m not great at either lying or being polite, so I’ve probably said or implied some of the actual thoughts, and sometimes certainly expressed them on my face if I was silent. I’m sure there is a middle ground somewhere. I’m trying to reach it.

Also, he does a lot of basic people stuff like Crist, like this one with the mom and technology part. I was at work watching this in the break room on lunch with a cold, and the moms and technology part,; I was cry-laughing hysterically, and I do mean hysterically, and I was a disgusting mess, luckily nobody came in. His facial expressions are absolutely killer. I think that is an essential part of humor for me (and why I think he’s funnier that Crist, although Crist’s vidoe concepts are more often funnier?). I prefer Tim Hawkins to Brian Regan (many if not most of my siblings prefer Regan), and that is part of why.

And his basic white people song (you know, Starbucks, Target, terrible dancing, pumpkin spice lattes). Hysterical, of course, I don’t think I’m “that” basic which is probably why I find it so funny, but then I am a basic homeschooler, and I love all Blimey Cow’s essentially basic homeschooler stuff.

YouTwoTV. These two are just hilarious. The channel is more PG-PG13 btw. I think I start first watching the ones like this about strict parents or Indian vs. white parents, etc. They are hilarious as are the more mature girlfriend/boyfriend ones. Although, my parents were/are (that distinction comes between the older children vs. the younger children, I tell my much younger siblings they have a totally different set of parents) waaaay more like the strict ones.

Also, all the videos, posts, etc. in general I’ve seen about strict parents feature sneaky kids, yeah, I was too afraid, not even capable of that, wouldn’t have wanted to do that. Y’all, there is only so much strictness possible if you go to public school, I mean your parents can’t watch you at school.

Anyway, I binge watched them awhile back, and now I’m binge watching them again (they have a TON of videos). Their annoying/types of people series are hilarious too, like annoying people on Instagram or annoying people on social media. Everything is basically.

Personalities at job interviews. And this other guy’s various different personalities in love, at school, etc. These are funny, but I think if I knew all the Myers-Brigs personalities better and had one that really was “me,” I’d find it even funnier.

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