Top Ten Tuesday: Characters That Remind Me of Myself

I’m picking characters with at least some similar personality characteristics , I’m not sure I think any or most of them are exactly like me. The first 5  are characters with similar personalities (i.e. rather brash/emotional/out of control types); generally speaking NOT the oldest sibling who seem to always be cast in the quiet, responsible cast, again, ouch. The other characters are those with traits I see in myself but who are not otherwise very similar.

I’m wanting to do a post about how so often, I’m like the traditional portrayal of tomboys in personality, but not in outlook or tastes or goals or bravado/bravery. Many of the characters with my outlook, tastes, and goals are meek, sweet, or annoyingly poised. Then also, there are the uptight, old-maid characters whose opinions/outlook I can relate too. OW!

  1. Marianne Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility. I also get Marianne on these quizzes.
  2. Jo March from Little Women. The unbridled tongue and temper, um yes. The tomboyishness, no. (Rose in Rose in Bloom and Eight Cousins is a well-balanced character now that I’m thinking Alcott characters)
  3.  Skye from The Penderwicks series (the “Jo” of this loosely modern middle-grade version of Little Women). Again, the brashness.
  4. Laura of the Little House books. Just generally being the one who gets in trouble, particularly because of her words. Overall my childhood personality and proclivities were similar, outdoors and a bit rebellious but still not a tomboy.
  5. Oh, and this one is going to be good. Susan Pevensie. There have been a couple defenses of Susan Pevensie recently, more or less with the same criticisms of the book that I first saw years ago from a favorite author. However, I disagree with all of them, and Susan is definitely my least favorite of most of the children. And yet, a lot of what I see to dislike in Susan, I see in myself (bossiness mainly, for example). I think I’ll save more of my opinions for when I re-read Narnia, hopefully in the near future.
  6. Johnny Tremain, from Johnny Tremain. Quick spoken, quick tempered. Sense a pattern here?
  7. Catherine Morland from Northanger Abbey. No, overall I’m not like here, but I’ve frequently, particularly when I was younger, exhibited a great deal of her gullibility.
  8. Donna in a Tangled Web. Pretty sure that’s exactly how I would act in love (also, see below). Peter and Donna are absolutely the most ludicrous, hilarious over the top people. Of course, I can also see myself making a goose of myself like Jocelyn too though.
  9. Mara, in Mara, Daughter of the Nile. Now, this is going to sound vain, “Oh, yes, I’m exactly like a clever double spy!” No, what I mean is I’m rather (!!!) readable and manipulatable, like Mara is to Sheftu, he knows all along how much she is attracted to him and toys her with it. This aspect is similar to many of the older Heyer heroines.
  10. Every unimaginative character in L. M. Montgomery books. Yes, I’ve always been the literal person, however much I now want to be like Anne or Emily or Pat.


    • Livia Rose

      Yeah, that tends to happen to me to often for comfort. I think,”Oh, what an annoying character . . . oh, wait, this behavior sounds a little too familiar.”

  • Greg

    This is neat how you did this. I’ve heard great things about the Penderwicks series. And I enjoyed the Little House books as well when I was younger. Sense and sensibility I haven’t read, but I am a fan of the ’95 movie version.

    I remember seeing the Susan debates a while back re: Narnia. I really should revisit those books at some point, I haven’t read ’em since I was a kid!

    • Livia Rose

      I highly recommend the Penderwicks if you love middle-grade fiction. They are so much fun, definitely one of my comfort reads. Except the last one. I prefer to pretend that one doesn’t exist.

    • Livia Rose

      She was, I think because she was so relatable, not just to me, but a lot of people? In the wilfulness, I guess.

  • Deb Nance at Readerbuzz

    I love how you compared yourself to Johnny Tremain! That’s unique. I immediately know, if you think of yourself like Johnny and Laura, that you are going to be a lot like my little sister, bold and forthright. Those are wonderful traits to have.

    • Livia Rose

      Hmm, I’m not bold, I’m brash, that’s the similarity there. There is a section that describes Johnny and Rab’s different outlooks and how Rab thoughtfully steer Johnny to counting a bit before responding that really rang true for me.

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