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Eva and Olivia did this tag recently, and I thought it would be fun to steal it.

5 Things You’ll Find in My Purse

I don’t think I have anything unusual in my purse, also, I have a smallish, crossbody since that seems to work best for my current situation, so not much will fit in, although I’ve managed to squeeze in a paperback before.

  1. Timecard for my temp job
  2. Various papers, cards, etc. related to my (will remain unnamed) side gig
  3. New sunglasses
  4. Pens
  5. Tiny notepad

5 Things You’ll Find in My Bedroom

  1. A hoarder’s supply of yarn
  2. A hoarder’s supply of fabric
  3. A hoarder’s supply of toiletries
  4. Books including some of the 52 (the two interlibrary loans were allowed past the 50 limit) library books I have out. The rest are with me at my grandparents
  5. A budding collector’s supply of pens and markers (this is what happens when you watch bullet journal videos)

5 Things I’ve Always Wanted to Do

  1. Make a full regency outfit for the Jane Austen festival (I’m hoping I will manage that for this year)
  2. Go to England and Ireland (at least, I theoretically want to travel, but I can’t seem to make myself drive out of my city, or even really into it)
  3. Be fit
  4. Sew a considerable portion of my wardrobe (part of the hang-up here relates to 3)
  5. Be proficient in a multitude of art mediums and handicrafts (I’m learning to streamline this)

5 Things That Make Me Feel Happy

  1. Watching tv with my grandparents
  2. Holding my precious, baby niece
  3. Cuddling my sister’s precious mini cat (she looks like a kitten, courtesy of being a runt, but she’s grown)
  4. I have to steal Olivia’s because this is especially true for me this year, finishing a book and updating my Goodreads to reflect that. I then look at how I’m (currently) crushing my reading goals
  5. Similarly, using my mildliners to fill out the squares of my habit chart

5 Things I’m Currently/Was Recently Into (I feel like I’m in between things)

  1. Mary Stewart romantic suspense novels. I know I’ve not ranked some of them high, but that is because I didn’t like the romance part of these particular ones. When thinking over this, I realized I kind of have three separate rating systems/points: morality, quality, and likeability. I usually focus on the first two and usually the first two are what affects my liking or finishing the book or not. But occasionally I find book that meet these standards but not the last.
  2. M.M. Kaye mysteries (she only wrote a few, and I think I’ve exhausted all of them except the one I skipped and one our library doesn’t have). I was reading these few with the Mary Stewart novels and kind of got them mixed up although they are different genres. They both often have such exotic (to me) settings (Cyprus, Crete, Corfu).
  3. Watching Monk with my grandparents. Well, I was until Sharona was replaced. Everything changed. I would’ve been okay if no one was substituted in or a totally different side character (this woman is a caricature of Sharona’s role), but now I’m done. I want to watch the later ones (that round up the show) when she returns.
  4. Taylor Swift songs again. I don’t know how to explain how little of a music person I am. Everyone seems to have Spotify or Pandora, but to me it’s huge that I installed Spotify on my phone. And I really don’t like much music, and what I do like I really have to in the mood for. Taylor Swift seems to have a song for everything or that fits any period of life? I was trying to figure out why I liked her stuff overall while with other pop singers I only like a song or two. I think it’s because the music is important, I mean the instrumentals. It’s not just a stripped background accompaniment. And her vocals go well with the music, they fit in but don’t drown (as opposed to the songs that ARE the vocals, I don’t like those). I think the lack of this is part of why I tend to prefer instrumentals (I love the Piano Guys versions of everything), soundtracks, and more tradition/folk music (and Peter Hollen’s covers!). I just think pop is not really good, and now I think I’ve indentified (for a non-musical person), why I really don’t care for it. I prefer not to HAVE to focus on the lyrics. Her lyrics are less inane too. They are also quite . . . psychologically interesting? I can’t agree with much of the overall tendency, but yet it’s all sort of hilarious?
  5. Backing up my TBR list. I can place any orders I want directly from the library lists, so I’ve tried to clear up any other collections of books. I’ve never found the Goodreads TBR list particularly useful for me. I use it occasionally, but I’m trying to immediately add any books I read about straight to my library lists, so I’ve cleared out most of my Goodreads list (a couple times over the years). I also had a bad habit of just bookmarking blog posts and such instead of directly adding them to shelves. I cleared out that folder. I previously had a list on Amazon for interlibrary loans but transferred that a while back to an Excel workbook. I then realized that if anything happened to the library site or if I moved, I’d lose years worth of TBR collecting. So, I’ve been backing that up on a separate sheet of the Excel workbook. I will have to put items on both the library lists and the Excel one from now on, but I think it is worth it. I just need to brush up my lists (make the formatting match, clear out any duplicates, etc.). I’ve included all reference books, cookbooks, etc. on the list as well, anything I want to look at. The total of the interlibrary loan possibilities plus the regular list currently stands at 1960. I know I do have a few duplicates to clear out. Possibly also books I’ve read and haven’t removed or kept on the list to reread (not usual). Bear in mind that TBR to me means that to-possibly-read. So TPR, I guess.

5 Things on My To-Do List

  1. Find second job or a different one entirely
  2. Finish my second associate’s degree in about a year (possibly two)
  3. Get fit
  4. Complete my Regency/Federal outfit for Jane Austen festival
  5. Complete the art project I have in mind for a (very) late Mother’s Day present. In the interim I made her a smeared (as much as I’d love to blame being a leftie, I’m sure most of the blame is my impatience and carelessness) doodled calligraphy card. I used AmandaRachLee’s doodling tutorials for lavender and for butterflies (the tutorial starts at about 4:36).


  • Miss Elizabeth

    This is utterly delightful–may I steal this from you in turn. (Things found in my purse: three red lipsticks, currently).

    And if I may offer some unsolicited encouragement on sewing your wardrobe: the wonderful thing about sewing your own clothes is that they are made for you. I say make them now (or whenever you have the time) and take in or let out your clothes as necessary (goodness know I’ve had to do both). Clothes made for your body will (surprise, surprise) look good on you–and generally better than a small/medium/large off the rack.

    • Livia Rose

      I’d love to read your answers. I think these are so fun.

      I’d love to be able to pull off red lipstick. I’ve yet to successfully add anything beyond lip balm into my make-up routine (also, I hate leaving lipstick on my waterbottle).

      I think that maybe when I’m closer to my goal size I would start sewing, I usually can wear the same size for a decent range of weight since I’m not super-picky about a slight looseness, but I’m not willing to significantly alter woven items after sewing them, I would find that too frustrating (except my regency outfit, that is probably going to have to happen for that because I’m going to have that outfit this year lost weight or not . . . but I’m planning on handsewing it, so I think I’d find alterations less daunting). It’s just too much of a time investment.

  • Greg

    What a neat post! My grandparents are gone now, but it was always such a cozy pleasure to just sit with them and watch TV, or just talk. Such a blessing. 🙂

  • Kelly-Anne

    Hello Livia Rose…
    Visiting from Elizabeth’s lovely blog today:)

    I loved getting to know you a little through this post – I see we share a love for several of the same things…. Creating… wanting to sew a full regency outfit, and hoping to visit England and Ireland someday!

    Going to look around your blog a bit…


    • Livia Rose

      Thanks! I thought the post was quite fun, I loved reading other peoples’ too. Yes, I’m definitely hoping/thinking/trying to make the regency outfit happen, and I need to get up the nerve for travel.

      I’ve followed your blog for awhile although I don’t know if I’ve commented.

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