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What I Watched: March 2019

I didn’t watch many movies this month, more television mysteries. We geniuses just realized (actually we had to be told), that since my dad has Amazon Prime (for how long I don’t know, probably years including ones when I paid for my own, ouch), we can watch his Prime video. Duh. I don’t love Prime, it’s not worth it to me to pay for it, but since now it’s free, I want to make more of an effort to find things to watch, so I’ve been going through my movie list. Of all the 153 movies I’ve currently checked, about 26 are on Netflix. I discovered Big Country (which I’d not heard of and which I greatly enjoyed) by searching Gregory Peck in the search bar, so I think I should try that option to find more movies/shows not on my list.


A couple movie mysteries. I’m happy to state that I’ve not watched Hallmark in weeks though.


Platinum Blonde. Eh, some funny lines, but overall, eh.

Period Drama

Middlemarch. Interesting (and awkward, I skimmed parts, intentionally awkward, British authors do know how to write some awkward situations, they just happen to be excruciating to watch). A couple of recognized actors or siblings of actors (of course, I feel like I’ve seen every not-super-famous British actor/actress multiple times, it can be interesting, it can be annoying if you know, Fudge is in everything, that actor IS Fudge in everything). I don’t feel it does the book justice AT ALL. I’m now wanting to reread it again.


Monk. I’ve been hearing about this show/meaning to watch it for ages, and I’ve been going through it with my grandparents. It’s so funny and cute, despite being murder mysteries. Thus far, the mystery element hasn’t been great (and that’s saying a lot, I’ve watched Hallmark mysteries), but at least it hasn’t scared me too much. It’s the characters who are interesting. We started at the beginning which was made in 2002, but which if I didn’t know it, I would have said the 90’s since apparently 90’s styles extended into the early 2000’s (ugh). Apparently, 90’s is resurfacing too, but in cuter ways (scrunchies, I still cringe a little though).


  • Catherine

    I had a month trial of Prime and could never find much on there, although they do have Nashville 😊 Middlemarch has been on my read/watch list forever but I’ve still not read any George Elliot – i quite liked that Daniel Deronda adaptation though (which is on our Netflix, don’t know if US Netflix has it?)

    • Livia Rose

      I highly recommend reading Middlemarch (and Daniel Deronda and Adam Bede, I didn’t care for her shorter works that I read such as Silas Marner). I balked at the slowness of it, but when I pushed on I really enjoyed it. It’s just so complex. After my sister-in-law read it (I also told her to push past the beginning, now if my sisters will), and then I watched the miniseries (doesn’t do the book justice, of course), so now I’m wanting to reread it.

      I’ve been on and off Prime, but since I’m using my dad’s, I’ve made more of an effort to find stuff (which totally makes sense?! Also, I’m pretty sure he’s had it for awhile so I probably paid when I didn’t need to). I’ve gone through my movie list and marked those that are on there.

      I’m trying another month of Netflix (stupidly it seems thus far), and I just checked for Daniel Deronda and didn’t see it. But it is on our Prime (is that different too I wonder, also I wonder why?) .

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