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April 2019 Goals

I didn’t  even write out my April goals until the end of the month. Basically, I’m working to get back on track.

Since I’m reading tons (for me) I did up my reading goals

  • 10+ books, aim for 6 nonfiction, work on War and Peace in Serial Reader (I need to set aside time to do this once per week, the sticking point is that I need my notebook for notes and to keep track of characters and plot), work on Classics Club (I need to revisit this list and be a bit more conscious about this goal).
  • Pay off CC debt and lower CC limit (apparently that is the only way to curb my spending short of going debit-card only which seems rather archaic).
  • Work on exercise and diet plans (surely I can hit on SOMETHING I am willing to keep up with).
  • Get back on track with habits, goals, spending, etc.
  • 2+ knitting projects and block the last two (probably should make sure blocking is included in finishing, but overall, doing well on the knitting category).

I forgot to include how my March habit chart looked.

photo of habits chart

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