Daily Life

2nd Quarter Goals

Overall goal: Shake It Back Up! I’m slipping back into monotony and laziness and losing my drive, memory, and optimism. I marked some items with an “!” to help myself in this area. Obviously, this is edited a bit for privacy.

Wellness and Habits

  • Lose 15 lbs, gain muscle, tone, and flexibility
  • Return to morning, lunch, and evening routine and identify sticking points to correct
  • Weekly reset (Saturday?), life admin, and monthly planning days
  • Set digital limits, have better options, use site blockers
  • Work on daily and weekly habits and aim for no school on weekend
  • Amp up meal prep, especially breakfast
  • Go outside more (work on strawberries for one thing) !

Finances and Career

  • Figure out side gigs plus learn skills for more specialized gigs !
  • Pay off CC and personal loan
  • Live off last month’s income
  • Fund emergency fund to certain point, start fun savings and car savings
  • Plan career and internships
  • Make min amount per month
  • Purchase textbooks and set up school plan
  • Spanish, graphic design, future plans, re-evaluate habits

Personal Development

  • Read 25 new-to-me books including several Classics Club and 12+ nonfiction books
  • Regency prep (outfit, tickets) and vacation prep
  • 6 major sewing projects and finish some partially complete ones
  • Work on room redesign
  • Weekly adventures !
  • Mother’s Day gift !
  • Reading journal, more in depth posts, etc. !

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