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January Goals 2019 and Success

I didn’t get all my goals and planning posts done in time to do a January goals post, so I’m showing my goals and my success on them here. I’m not expecting myself to just breeze through everything, I’m trying to work my motivation and habits up. My January goals were:

  • Pay a monthly obligation (or have enough to pay Feb 1st). Technically I have enough, but pragmatically, I’ll try to pay quarterly.
  • Pay Feb’s cc bill. Yes.
  • Start paying a loan back. No.
  • Start seriously funding my emergency fund. No.
  • Start raising checking account balance (min=$60) to begin process of living off last month’s income. Yes, but I should’ve also included, start pushing max (self-determined) credit balance down.
  • Aim for minimum income this month. Not even close.
  • Start weekly reset, morning and evening habits. Yes! I haven’t got weekly reset down, but I’m really working on my daily routines.
  • Start daily habits. Yes! I did poorly on the health ones, but I’m going to double-down on those this month.
  • Family (niece!) and pet time (and memories). I need to work on this one.
  • Read 8-9 books; 4 nonfiction. Crushed this with 15 books, 1 a re-read, 3 nonfiction.
  • 2 major knitting projects. No. I added this to my habits chart.
  • 2 major sewing projects? (I may need materials). No. I want to add this to a weekly habits chart.


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