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Habit Trackers for January and February 2019

I liked how AmandaRachLee sets up her habit trackers. I’d really only seen and “tried” the more “log” style ones, but these are just more visually appealing. Also, I’ve tried to work every single habit into my daily routines (more on that in another post).

Here is are my spreads. When noting goals and such that I hadn’t done in January, I decide to expand February’s habits.

  • Bedtime and rise time. I’ve been going to bed late and getting up around 8 (I need like 9-10 hours, at least recently) which means I don’t have much of a morning.
  • Hydration. I’m trying to aim for the optimum amount.
  • Exercise. I’ve been using the Leslie Sansone Walk at Home Instant Access app and the Fitify apps Ab & Core and Lower Body on my phone.
  • Stretch. I’ve been using the Fitify Stretching app.
  • Job search. I’m trying to be more proactive.
  • School. I need to make this a regular habit. Also, my school has started tracking everyone’s logons as participation! Anne @ Modern Mrs. Darcy mentioned setting fake deadlines for traveling planning, well I have been using “fake” deadlines for school for quite a while. I’m pursuing my associates in Computer and Information Technologies: Internet Technologies: Web Programming Specialization Sequence. The following two habits are to help me with the idea of becoming a website developer.
  • Coding. I’ve been using Treehouse (I have an account checked out via my library, be sure to see if your library has such a program), but I now want to add CodeAcademy as well.
  • Graphic design. I read a mention of needing to learn graphic design for website development and found this free sort of course, so I’m slowly working my way through the articles, resources, and the books my library has.
  • Spanish. I’m trying to get back into Duolingo. I got my 80 year old grandfather into it, and so he’s been learning Spanish the last week+ and even bought himself a book.
  • Reading. I am an erratic reading, so I wanted some discipline and habits.
  • Knitting. I am also an erratic knitter, so I wanted some discipline and habits.
  • Journaling. I feel like my memory isn’t great lately. And I never was good at keeping a record of memories, so I’m trying to prioritize that. I also wanted to incorporate the motivational kind of journaling from Miracle Morning.



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