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Daily Routine Checklist

I used Evernote to create basic morning and evening routines. I took ideas from Sleep Smarter and Miracle Morning and the whole idea was from MuchelleB. As I used them I modified them. I tried to work all my habits in, and I decided I needed a midday routine as well. None of this is set in stone of course, but I’m happy with this for a basic guide. I ended up finalizing it in Word then printing and laminating it.

Daily Routines
Miracle Morning
 Drink and read to wake up (no more than 30”)
 Exercise, snack, stretch
 Affirmations, visualization, positive journaling
 Fill water jug and eat breakfast
 Get dressed and prepared for the day (ready to be on call)
 Review any to-do’s and goals
 Check email and apply for jobs (10″ max)
 School email and announcement check
 Start on school

Midday Lunch
 Eat
 Refill water
 Make any phone calls
 Check email
 Duolingo and Tinycards
 Read intensive books

Evening Routine
 Finish school
 Graphic Design, CodeAcademy and Treehouse
 Supper, refill water (don’t drink after 7) and any meal prepping
 Check email (10”) and unfinished to-do’s
 Write down tomorrows to-do’s and list daily accomplishments
 Check all battery charges, check weather/work, and turn off electronics
 10″ tidying, prep clothes and such for tomorrow
 Knit
 Put on a wash off face mask or treatment
 Journal
 Shower
 Put on a leave on face mask or treatment
 Make Sleepytime tea
 Read relaxing books
 Any other tips from Sleep Smarter

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