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I thought I wouldn’t have enough mental space to be able to participate in Cordy’s Lovely Blog Party, but I’d forgotten about the tag, and this year she made it so much more interesting, I can’t wait to see everyone’s answers!

Isn’t it romantic to be serenaded?
Depends on the situation, I can imagine some I’d love (whispering or softly singing a song that I like in a quiet moment), but quiet frankly, most of the times I’ve seen it or that people think it should be done . . . I’d either die of embarrassment or laugh in his face.

Isn’t it romantic to have pet names for each other?
Ugh, ugh, ugh. NO!

Edit: I’m assuming pet names such as “Benny-Boo-Boo” or whatever from How to Lose a Man in 10 Days (though this isn’t used seriously and so is absolutely hysterical) or “Molly-wobbles” from HP. NOT terms of endearments such as “my love” and “honey” and “my darling.” Those I do find romantic, unless of course they include, “mon infant” and “Monseigneur” used in such a way, UGH.

Isn’t it romantic if he wants you to look him in the eye?
Probably, and he will probably have to tell me. What is this referencing? “Look back at me?”

Isn’t it romantic to be carried across the threshold?
I guess it could be, it’s so overused though.

Isn’t it romantic to receive flowers and chocolates?
I love flowers and chocolate and will always take them, but I think the cliche takes away the romance, plus my mom gets us candy at every holiday, so its not only for romance.

Isn’t it romantic to get caught in the rain?
Maybe more funny or adventurous. But the funny and adventurous IS more my kinda romance.

Isn’t it romantic to dance?
It can be. I think this plus singing softly is the most traditionally romantic thing on the list for me.

Isn’t it romantic if he asks for your parent’s permission to marry you?
No, its more just the polite/correct thing to do.

Isn’t it romantic to be rescued?
Or its just chivalrous of him?

Isn’t it romantic to stargaze?
Maybe, maybe just more fun.


  • lissa

    most romantic gestures are embarrassing anyway especially in front of people, I just think it’s nice to be serenaded if there just the two of us. but like you, I would be so embarrassed if there are people around and I might laugh because of it.

    no pet names for you? well, we all have our preferences.

    flowers and chocolate is always nice, it wouldn’t necessarily be romantic but I kind of like this old fashion way of saying you like someone.

    I just imagine some women with their makeup running when I think of couples in the rain.

    what is wrong with chivalry? sometimes I just think it’s nice to be rescued especially when you can’t rescue yourself.

    have a lovely day.

    • Livia Rose

      I didn’t think of the make-up issues, but yeah, that’s definitely a damper.

      Nothing wrong with chivalry, it’s just not always “romantic” per say.

  • Cordy

    I’m so pleased you took the time to fill out the tag! 😀

    I must confess, I have laughed as someone was singing to me. It wasn’t my greatest moment.

    The pet names is open to interruption. It can be actual names or the classic endearing names.

    North and South is the obvious reference but I also noticed that in many romances at some point the guy says “look at me” in some form or another.

    Thanks again for participating!

    • Livia Rose

      I thought the tag was so fun.

      Yeah, my sisters and I just love that scene in North and South, that’s the one that pops to mind (although its rather a leitmotif, her not meeting his eyes or meeting them at inopportune moments, in North and South).

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