Yarn Along: January

I’m linking up with Ginny Sheller’s Yarn Along here.

I’m still working on Christmas knitting. One of my resolutions last year was to finish gift projects on time. Ha. Clearly that needs to be this years as well.

I started Suzie Sparkle’s Jasmine Dress (I LOVE the styles she has) in Knitpicks Shine Worsted in Sailor (I love this yarn; I love that it is in two weights, the feel of it, the cost; it’s my go-to for babies with Valley Yarn’s Goshen although Knitpicks is easier to order from). The pattern is for DK, so I’m usually as smaller style based on my gauge, fingers-crossed that it will turn out. I’m making the long-sleeved option, and I think I might want more eyelets in the skirt, and a ribbon around the waist, we’ll see.

I’m reading Odd Girl Out which is a sort of memoir from the author about her adult diagnosis of autism. I just randomly found this on a blog, I think and thought it was interesting. You usually hear of boys with autism. I’m a third in I think. Interesting story but I hate present tense writing and this is pretty wordy.

I whipped this bonnet (the pattern is $2, but I think it was free when I got it) up for my niece in November with some left-over Knitpicks Shine. I had several more balls of different colors, so I’ve finished two more of different sizes (one for my niece next winter) plus have a fourth on the needles.

I’m quite proud of this even though it’s late. My mom bought my niece a 12 month baby dress at a boutique in Baltimore when visiting friends months before she was born, and she wanted me to make a shrug to go with it for Christmas. Of course it was blocking (I will break this procrastination!) when we opened gifts. I made the pattern myself with help on the number of stitches for cast on and sleeve increases from other raglan patterns (because raglan is easy, I knew I could come up with a pattern rather than buy a similar, plus I like mine better!). This is Knitpicks Shine sport in Robot I believe, and the clasp is from Knitpicks as well (I’d collected a few over the years). I haven’t given it yet, I’m wanting to finish the sweater dress first and then go visit, and I can take a photo of the shrug with the dress Mom gave.


    • Livia Rose

      Yes, it gives a very polished look, I think. I’ve not knitted anything for myself from it yet, although I have some for two cardigans (hopefully this year), but I know that one of the couples to whom I gifted a baby blanket talk about how their child loves it still (3 years later) and how soft it is.

      My only issue is that the photos online don’t represent the color at all well (until the cart or the cart preview), and I wish they offered a few more basic colors.

  • Jenn Hebel

    I love the shrug. It’s gorgeous! And the dress pattern is a great choice.

    I also am a big fan of KnitPicks because it is just so easy! I feel like I should branch out more, try some other brands, support my LYS…but in winter…delivery wins! 🙂

    • Livia Rose

      Yes, I gravitate towards Knitpicks because it’s easy and cost-effective. I’ve bought from yarn.com/webs but the free shipping has a higher mininimum as do the discounts. I don’t have too many yarn shops near, and the mark-ups and choices are just not worth it. I have bought yarn on etsy (and I’d love to buy yarn from the shop Dye for Yarn, but I haven’t yet).

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