My Year in Books: Reading Year in Review

Here is My Year in Books on Goodreads (I’m not sure its visible for everyone); not sure if the page number is accurate, I did read 140 which it shows at the bottom but not at the top.

Goodreads numbers (factoring in the slim book that I didn’t list on Goodreads because it had to do with my geographic area, and supplementing the information with stats from My Books > Stats page).

  • 141 books (about 40 more than last year)
  • 39,576+ pages (almost 10,000 pages more than my previous record in 2014; also, see note above on re-reads)
  • Longest book: 908 pages (Brothers Karamazov)
  • Shortest book: 24 pages (the golden book Kitty’s New Doll, a childhood favorite, a Christmas theme this year, that my sister received for Christmas)
  • Average rating: 3.2 (I checked previous years, around 3 usually is my average)
  • Most popular: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
  • Least popular: Epidemics and Pandemics: Their Impacts on Human History by J.N. Hays
  • Approximately 25% was on my fantasy shelf
  • Around at least 12-15% was Agatha Christie
  • Most of my 5 star reads were re-reads
  • I had 6 one star reads

Now, I started also tracking books in Excel. Later I discover that you can export your Goodreads information in an excel sheet, but when I tried for this year the most significant column (date read) didn’t properly transfer for me (less than 1/3 of books read in 2018 showed a date in Excel), so that was rather useless. I asked about this, so we’ll see if it’s corrected.

Anyway from my 6 main categories (Re-reads, Literary Fiction, Light Fiction, Illustrated Books, Serious Nonfiction, and Popi for this year:

  • Re-reads: 35 (not including Illustrated);  13 Literary Fiction and 22 Light Fiction (last year I re-read around 12)
  • Literary Fiction: 14 (27 including re-reads)
  • Light Fiction: 58 (70 including re-reads)
  • Illustrated Books: 11 (at least 3 and up to 5 were re-reads from childhood)
  • Serious Nonfiction: 10
  • Popular Nonfiction: 13
  • Total nonfiction: 23 (last year I read at least 30)


    • Livia Rose

      I can’t say that I loved it, it took a bit to get into but then it was absorbing for a while but towards the end I felt let down. I’m reading War and Peace now, I’m thinking I’ll like Tolstoy’s writing better.

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