DIY Leather Leaf Earrings

Last year for my sister I’d meant to make the leaf earrings that Joanna Gaines (this sister has a very similar style to Joanna) wears in almost every episode in the last season of Fixer Upper. I had some scraps left from the thrifted lambskin leather jacket (I had used this to make a belt for this same sister last Christmas). If you don’t have scraps, I think craft stores carry small packs of leather and possible faux leather.

I made a pattern in Word with an online picture (because the diamond shape in Word was wonky to work with) which you can download here: Leather Leaf Earring Template. I would love a Cricut one day though.

I’d seen earrings with a shimmery leaf on top, so I grabbed some tempera paint that looked close to rose gold (I think it was bronze). I wanted the red to show through, but I added a bit more tempera than I thought, so it’s more opaque than I wanted (and I think the leather is from different parts and took the paint differently, so bear that in mind).

If you search leaf earrings in YouTube there are multiple tutorials, here is one featuring similar earrings. One showed how to punch a hole with a thumbtack which is nice if you don’t own an awl or similar tool. I already had rose gold colored ear wires, but I grabbed some bronze/rose gold colored wire from Hobby Lobby to use for the jump rings. The mini tools are from Hobby Lobby, but I definitely need to upgrade, the wire cutters didn’t work.


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