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2019 Goals: Systems

One of my resolutions this years is to add processes and products into my life to make things easier. Much of these ideas for routines and organization came from MuchelleB’s channel.

Since I got my new phone, I finally jumped on the bandwagon to using Evernote. I’m so glad I need. I put my checklists for my daily routines, weekly reset list, etc. on there.

I’m still in the middle of working my plans and such into habits, and I never have the same schedule for long, so we will see how it works, but I’m pretty happy write now. I have my daily routine sheets (I’m still need to print the one that has everything on one page), my habit chart page, and my weekly spread and those things hold all I need to do. I’m still trying to wean myself off of stickies, but I think I’m far better or maybe fine as I’m just using them for notes rather than to-do’s.

  • Make Life Overall Easier
    • Implement Life Admin Days (one per quarter), Weekly Reset Days, Morning Routine, NIghttme Routine. I got these ideas from MuchelleB’s channel, and I loved them.
  • Make Habits Easier
    • Build into routine (morning/evening), schedule appointments at appointments. I’m easing into my goals and processes. I found the way that AmandaRachLee does her habits in multiple mini calenders makes it much more appealing for me to track them. I have split my day into Morning, Lunch, and Evening and tried to work all my habits from my habits chart into this.
  • Make Health Easier
    • Clear floor for exercise, pick out outfits, make simple schedule
    • Plan and prep meals, keep decent snacks, invest in helpful appliances (lunch warmer, crockpot, Instantpot), keep good grocery lists
    • Get huge water jug (set reminder if I must)
  • Make Daily Life Easier
    • Set routines
    • Laundry: (4 basket bin, clean/ironing basket, steamer, schedule)
    • Cleaning: get proper tools and keep together
    • Renovate bedroom, get more bathroom organization
    • Stuff control (tips: one in one out; “where will it go?” “do I own similar?” “do I really need this?”; play minimalist game/get rid of 500 items, once per quarter?), buy safe/locked fire safe filing cabinet
    • Have a place for everything & group everything by category (my sticky points: library books, current reads, office supplies/notes, quote notebook, reading notebooks, borrowed books, school, journal)
  • Make School Easier
    • Set up space with everything needed
    • Knock out work at the earliest possible
  • Make Sewing and Crafts Easier
    • Set up a space
    • Get better organization
  • Make Fashion Easier
    • Streamline underthings and basics
    • Avoid items with special needs/extras (e.g. something that needs an accessory in a color I don’t currently own, something that needs extra underlayers, etc.)
    • Have one wedding and one funeral outfit with shoes, accessories, under things, and outerwear
    • Have multiple business professional, business casual, dressy casual, outdoors (including hiking), and dress outfits with shoes, accessories, under things, and outerwear
  • Make Tech/Web Control Easier (i.e. make it easier to not be on them all the time)
    • Books
    • Puzzles
    • Journal
    • Projects
    • Drawing
    • Audiobooks, audiodramas, podcasts
    • Boardgames
    • I need all these to be things that I like, so for some, such as the audio ones, I might need to come up with lists since I do NOT gravitate towards them at ALL.
  • Make Travel and Exploring Easier
    • Travel fund
    • Travel tools
    • Pinpoint fears
    • Go with family
    • Folk school and similar planned/controlled excursions
    • Map out plans, costs, and answers to fears

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