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2019 Goals: Financial and Career

My work history isn’t pretty. I’ve been mainly temping and will probably continue to do so for awhile, but is really not enough on it’s own. I’m trying to work on being more proactive and less dependent. I don’t know how to explain this all; I’m very tired of being given stale advice that is really opinion, and I know I haven’t tried hard enough or worked enough, but I do want something that I feel decent about, so I need to find a balance of my.own.thing and still be a responsible adult. Here are my (edited for privacy) goals in the area of finance and career.


  • Pay off short term debt
  • Try to earn a certain amount this year before taxes
  • Fill an emergency fund to at least a certain amount and then continually build with regularly small additions
  • Live off last month’s income!
  • Keep and gift/experiences/travel fund (or perhaps a fund for each category)
  • Private goal
  • Start investing (regular and retirement)
  • Generally follow a basic budget (quarterly with monthly adjustments)
  • Have no debt and bills paid by end of year
  • Buy a decent used car and have it paid off

Career Goals

  • Have a stable source of income or a clear path to one by 2020
  • Work on tech degree as hard as possible with a plan; I must be in a bachelor’s program by Spring 2020 semester
  • Get a couple of certifications for other job options
  • Work on soft-skills & genuine networking
  • Work more and earn more (be proactive about looking for assignments and side gigs that suit me)

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