Daily Life

2019 1st Quarter Goals

Main Goal/Focus: Habits, Systems, and Security

Health and Systems

  • Lose 15 lbs, try to gain some muscle tone and flexibility
  • Work on basic daily habits (especially health ones)
  • Set up morning and evening routine
  • Start weekly reset, monthly planning, and life admin days
  • Figure out digital limits and system
  • Meal planning and prepping habits, healthier snacks

Financial and Career

  • Get at least one temp job and one side gig
  • Pay off debt
  • Maintain school payments, get a bit ahead (same on phone); try and get two (later start) classes
  • Personal goal
  • Get to living off last month’s income
  • Start and fund emergency account to certain amount

Personal Development

  • Read 25 new-to-me books, including several from Classics Club list and 12 nonfiction titles
  • Participate in blog parties (doubtful)
  • 6 major sewing projects (including Easter yellow and blue dress and one Regency piece) and finish some already started projects
  • 6 major knitting projects, finish started projects and some small projects


  • Buy water jug and glass meal containers
  • Get some items of certain list
  • Buy (and borrow those I’m undecided on) the self-help books for the year
  • Buy some organization, cleaning, laundry, etc. items (maybe furniture)
  • Buy coverstitch machine and beauty tools on payment plan
  • Buy planner punch, brush pens/left-handed calligraphy markers, clear sticker paper, and washi tape


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