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Movies I’ve Watched: November 2018

I’m going to leave off Hallmark so I can do a larger Christmas post of them


The Philadelpia Story. My sister-in-law mentioned how funny this was, so I was rather disappointed. I didn’t find it all that funny. There were a few funny bits, but most of it was boring, and some parts made be angry (e.g. her absolutely horrid father who blames her for his immorality).

Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This was interesting and funny in parts a bit tedious in others. Paul is basically the Ken doll in human form. Okay, not that bad, I found him attractive. But yes, Ken. I think the movies should’ve ended before it did (a bit after her brother dies if not before); Holly ends up looking rather rotten at the end.¬†Skipped Mickey Rooney’s racist¬† scenes.

Some Like it Hot. Funny, and oh, my word, uncomfortable. A couple of not-very-brave and possibly not very bright musicians (well, Joe’s not, Joe was quite clever when he wanted, the lies that boy told to get Sugar to chase him and to kiss him more . . . Jerry on the other hand, Jerry was demented) witness a mass gang machine gun murder (please, not this is NOT what I expected, I thought like one person was shot with like a pistol or something, so just FYI, and this happens twice!!). So these guys (and to heighten the ludicrousness of it, the filmmakers picked the most manly built guys ever, broad shoulders, muscular limbs) dress up like women to escape. And of course they both are interested in the same girl (Marilyn Monroe who is, another warning, dressed or rather undressed rather worse than a tramp . . . if you think modern movies are bad . . . ). . . and are rather creeps. I thought it funny, but not hysterical, not a favorite.


The Lego Batman Movie. Fairly funny (in a super goofy way) at first, then tedious and sanctimonious for the rest.


  • Catherine

    Yes, 100% agree I can’t stand the dad in that film! (Well I hate him in ‘High Society’ which is the musical version – songs are good though). So he cheated on his wife because his daughters didn’t give him enough attention – where is the logic in that???
    I like ‘Some Like it Hot’ but that one dress she wears I don’t know how they got away with putting her in that, haha. No-one else could pull that off!

    • Livia Rose

      Yeah, that dad, so many things I hate all in one. And it’s never addressed. I know the point of the movie was to talk about her hypocritical critical attitude, but um, having standards and morals is important, it’s not overly critical to expect your father not to cheat! And being overly critical doesn’t force him to cheat either! I was also rather confused that whole movie, I couldn’t see where all the threads were going.

      I think film-makers changed all standards for Marilyn Monroe apparently.

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