What I Read and Watched August

Scrolling through my Goodreads, looking at August books, why does the beginning of August feel so long ago (oh, because it’s close to October now).

August was NOT a good reading month.

I only re-read items. Books 3-7 of HP at the beginning of the month and Jane of Lantern Hill towards the middle.

I’m thinking I watched a lot of YouTube like I did this month. I miss good blogs. I started a month of Netflix in August too. VERY disappointing. I’m not sure what things I watched in August and what I watched in September. I think August was mostly “Friends” and rewatching “Parks and Recreation.”


  • Jillian

    Hi! <3 I couldn't figure out how to comment on your Classics Club List, but I wanted to say hello and that I'm SUPER EXCITED to see Gone with the Wind on your list. BEST NOVEL EVER.

    Also, your header and graphics are awesome!

  • Livia Rose

    I know people love GwW, but I’m rather dragging my feet on it, I skimmed it when much younger and was less than thrilled. I also started the movie, intending to watch it in bits (four HOURS!), but gave up on that though I definitely intend to watch it someday. Maybe if I rope my sisters in to watch it with me, I can stick it out.

    I love my header; it and my “portrait” custom from Bonita’s Illustrations on Etsy. It’s my anonymous version of a photo.

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