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Fall Fun List and To-Do’s

I always love seasonal “bucket” lists, and enjoy reading Hamlette’s to-dos. I’m an inveterate list making . . . and list-ignorer. I’ll probably put up a final quarter to-do list once I’ve formulated it. It will be MUCH simpler than the ones I previously made myself.

Fall Fun/Hobby To-Do List

  • An autumn festival (already scheduled, just need to ask off) with my grandparents
  • Join in on our family Ladies Shopping Day; I have only been able to join on show-and-tell the last few times. We’ve tried to have 1-2 shopping days with the ladies in Mom’s extended family where we shop at antique stores and consignment shops with a break for lunch and an end of day after snack and show-and-tell showcasing our finds at the end. So much fun.
  • Spend lots of time with my niece and take lots of good photos
  • Maybe a autumn hiking trip
  • Buy all my planning stuff for next year
  • Read tons more:┬áParticipate in Classics Club dare and read 5 more from list
  • Work on blog development a bit (Genesis, IP, spam, disclosure)
  • Make serious dent in my sewing stash
    • Finish second smocked baby dress ASAP
    • Two more business skirts
    • Fall dresses and skirts
    • Baby dresses for summer (as Christmas gifts)
    • Tons of baby bows and such
  • Make a serious den in my knitting stash
    • Knit at least one sweater and sweater dress for me
    • Baby sweaters, rompers, sweater dresses
    • Socks for me
    • Baby socks
  • Dress up as Audrey Hepburn from How to Steal a Million for Halloween
  • Start working on regency outfit


  • Miss Elizabeth

    Oh, I do love this list!
    Let’s see, which ones are now going to make their way onto mine?
    Hiking trip–definitely the hiking trip.
    Attempt to make dents in my sewing and knitting stashes (and fail, but it’s the thought that counts)
    Socks! It doesn’t get warmer than 20 C around here now, and my feet are cold ­čÖé
    I’d also add leaf-gathering to my list. The maples are gorgeous this time of year, and I bring ridiculous amounts of leaves into the house.

    • Livia Rose

      I totally forgot about this list, that doesn’t bode well for my completion of it; I think I need to write it and put it on my wall if anything is to get done that wasn’t already scheduled, lol.

      Yes, the thought does count for the sewing and knitting . . . at least I hope so, I think I will at least get SOMETHING done, if I aim high even if I don’t meet it, at least with knitting.

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