Yarn Along and Crafting On Link Up

I linking up with Ginny’s Yarn Along and Nicole’s Crafting On.

I have, of course, more than one book going (and 2 more projects on the needles although I’ve been focusing on this one for awhile), but this was the prettiest arrangement. The blanket is Purl Soho’s Mosaic Blanket which is free and actually very simple. I think it is rather stunning.

Kristin Lavransatter is going to have to wait a bit while I finish or at least catch on up my local library’s summer reading program (they do one for adults and it is so fun this year) and the epidemics book.


  • Pom Pom

    Oh, I do love Kristin Lavransdatter. The first time I read it I reveled in it, enjoying it immensely. I gave it to my niece (it was such a lovely copy) and then ordered it used because I have to read it again. One of my Irish friends loves Gilead so I read that, too. I did not love it as much as she did, but it IS a thoughtful read. Your blanket is beautiful!

    • Livia Rose

      Thank-you. I’m loving how it is turning out.
      I’m barely into Kristin Lavransdatter and haven’t been drawn in deeply yet. I hope it will grow on me (once I have the chance to get back into it).

    • Livia Rose

      That is funny how we have similar books. I actually read Lila first. But I think with her writing style that it doesn’t matter as much. I kind of like it this way actually. It sort of fits with her reminiscing style. I can’t wait to read more of her works. Have you read Wendell Berry? I know another blogger compared the two. I’ve read some of his works, I don’t like him as much although there are some similarities in setting and a bit in tone.

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