Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I liked That Were In Non-Favorite/Disliked Books

I’m linking up with Top Ten Tuesday.

  1. Murder Must Advertise (I love Lord Peter but dislike most of the short stories; some are the most disturbing murder mysteries I’ve ever read)
  2. Austenland (I think I liked the main guy [I liked him in the movie, so maybe this is cheating] but the descriptions were so gross)
  3. Twilight series (I liked Jacob but have a like/shame relationship with the books)
  4. I Will Repay (I liked the Scarlet Pimpernel, but I think this is one when he plays a significant shadow role)
    5. Eragon (Murtagh)
  5. House of Many Ways (I don’t like the Howl’s Moving Castle sequels, but I loved Howl)
  6. The Sign of Four (I disliked this but I like Sherlock Holmes)
  7. The Inheritance (this is cheated a bit, but I disliked the overwrought novel but loved the movie and all the characters therein)
  8. Anne of Ingleside (the most boring Anne books, but I like most of the main characters . . . in the other books)
  9. The Hunger Games trilogy (I have a like/hate relationship with the books, but I like Finnick and Peeta)


  • Rissi @ Finding Wonderland

    I think I like Finnick too, though to be honest, I have a more vivid memory of him from the films vs. the books.

    I adore the film “Austenland,” but haven’t ever read the book. Someday maybe I will – which seems doable since the book is so short! 🙂

    Thanks so much for visiting Finding Wonderland.

  • Catherine

    I can’t remember much about Eragon (never bothered with the later ones so couldn’t have liked it much) but I did like Murtagh. And I liked Jacob in Twilight. I’ve given up being embarrassed about liking those books – they were a good read whatever else they were!

  • Livia Rose

    I think I read one or two of the Eragon novels. I think I tried skimming the rest later, but they are SO bad skimming is hard.

    Iremember being surprised by the “quality” of the writing of Twilight when I read them (at 21; I’m not sure what I’d think now). It’s the substance that is the absurd part although the concept is kind of cool.

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