National Library Week: Media

I want to do a post a day for National Library Week, but that is a bit of a stretch which is why this is so late.

Everyone knows much of the media available at libraries, but some of the types of media and some of ways we can access these media can be overlooked or underutilized.

I found my public library system to be in some respects as useful or more useful than my University library in college. Some of the books I needed could be obtained there. A local newspaper’s historical editions was available digitally at the public library while at the University available only on microfilm.

I loved discovering my library’s “Suggest a Purchase” option (often that means when you suggest a book, you automatically have it reserved); even some of my “obscure” books were purchased.

I’ve loved re-discovering interlibrary loans (need to pick that up; my interlibrary loan list is growing!).

I just noticed my libraries eMagazine button, I think it might be new.

If your library has more types or more formats of the same types, please share!


  • paper (with options to suggest a purchase and to request an interlibrary loan from libraries all across the nation!)
  • eBooks
  • audiobooks in three formats (C.D.’s, Playaways, and digital)


  • paper
  • digital
  • digitally scanned historical


  • journals
  • online journal databases
  • magazines
  • eMagazines


  • movies on D.V.D.’s (mine has a FAR better selection than Netflix)
  • (your library may have; mine doesn’t but maybe in the future) digital streaming through Kanopy
  • music on C.D.’s
  • digital music
  • sheet music


  • D.V.D and C.D. courses (e.g. The Great Courses)
  • links to tons of sites with free lectures

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