Daily Life

2nd Quarter Goals


  • Purchase TEFL training and work on other goals


  • Obtain TEFL certification and work on other goals


  • Work on diet, Habits Chart, and other goals

Personal Development

  • Get to 75% on Duolingo and work on a plan for further study
  • Work on soft skills training
  • Study accounting and math
  • Make a dent in my Craftsy and Creative Bug classes


  • Explore my state
  • Take some outings with my grandparents
  • Plan some longer trips
  • Learn more about/try if possible travel hacking


  • Spend quality time with family, especially without Internet
  • Finish gifts, give gifts on time, and plan for Christmas


  • Work on organizing and streamlining paperwork and files
  • Stash bust craft supplies/use up some toiletry items/participate in minimalist challenges to organize
  • Work on room design and wardrobe


  • Make a dent in related Craftsy and Creative Bug classes
  • Work on knitting and sewing to use up all my stashes and to finish projects
  • Work on sewing pattern organization


  • Read 25-30 new-to-me books
  • Finish all the books I have borrowed as of 3/26 and read 4 of my own unread books

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