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I’m joining Molly Rebekah’s A Ramble Through the Woods Little Women blog party; Abby from Lavender Spring is her co-host. I think the focus is mainly on the 1994 film version, so that is how I will be answering the tag questions (also, I strongly advise listening to the soundtrack Molly uploaded whilst answering the questions). I’m a glutton for punishment; Jo and Laurie’s ending is one of the most devastating storylines in literature.

1.) Is there anything from the book that you wish were in the movie?
Well, I wish nothing had been changed (that I liked; I would totally be okay with the directors putting Laurie and Jo together). The John and Meg proposal scene is one of my favorite proposals in literature. I love the chapter “Secrets” and the ensuing results (note: the Anne of Avonlea movie plagiarizes part of this chapter as well as other parts of Little Women; I’ve been meaning to go into that into more detail, and I even purchased the screenplay just for that purpose . . . one day, one day).

2.) If you could change one point of the plot, which would it be?
I think we all know my answer to this one. Jo and Laurie. I think I need to re-read and devote an entire post to this.

3.) In Chapter 13, the March sisters and Laurie talk about “Castles in the Air,” basically their unrealistic but lovely hopes and dreams. What is your castle in the air?
I’m pretty sure mine is basically like Meg’s.

4.) What would you most like to see in a new adaptation of Little Women, whether in book or film? Any specific actors, setting, or time period changes?
An accurate portrayal with actors and actresses the CORRECT ages (most of those girls looked way too old or weren’t even girls anymore). I would prefer better costumes, they were very underwhelming.

5.) What is your favorite dress from the movie?
The peach one Amy wears when she gets her letter about Beth. This one; I cannot for the life of me find a better photo that shows the lovely skirt. I also love her hair style.

6.) Which March sister(s) do you relate to most?
I’m probably like all of them, except Beth. I have Jo’s temperament with Meg’s domesticity and wishes and Amy’s taste and some of her wishes.

7.) Do you have a favorite film adaptation of Little Women?
I like parts of 90’s film (music and Laurie) and part of the 30’s one (most accurate John and Meg proposal scene).

8.) What is your favorite quote from Little Women? (Movie quotes count!)
Hard to pick and I’m too lazy to get out of bed, walk two steps and grab the book, and peruse it. So I will grab a light one from Goodreads and hope it is accurately quoted.

“Jo’s nineteen hair-pins all seemed stuck straight into her head, which was not exactly comfortable; but, dear me, let us be elegant or die!”

9.) Do you have a favorite scene from Little Women?
I’m going to go by book “scenes.” The proposal as before mentioned; the whole saga of Jo submitting her story/Laurie’s secret as before mentioned; the picnic . . . yeah the book is better.

10.) Aside from the March sisters, who is your favorite character from the story?
Um, LAURIE!!!!!!! I do like John Brooke in the book though, the movie doesn’t get him at all right.



  • Molly Rebekah

    I loved reading your answers, Livia!
    1.) You mentioned how the second Anne of Green Gables film takes a lot from Little Women. Someone recently compared the proposal scenes in the two films, and it’s crazy how similar they are!
    5.) Ooh yes, that peach dress that Amy wears is so pretty.
    8.) Haha, I love that quote! ;P
    10.) Totally with you on your last answer! I love sweet Laurie. <3
    Thanks so much for doing the tag, Livia!

    • Livia Rose

      I forgot about the proposal (Laurie and Jo/Gilbert and Anne) similarities (I don’t see the need to copy, the one’s in the Anne books are GOOD).

      Thanks, and I can’t wait to read everyone elses’ answers.

    • Livia Rose

      Since I have a like/hate relationship with the story; I wasn’t overly excited about the BBC adaptation period. But then I saw (and heard) about the British cast and wasn’t pleased. Then others mentioned not caring for it. I’m not sure I’m going to watch it. I also have no plans of watching the new Anne of Green Gables “adaptation” if one can even call it that.

      • Catherine

        I didn’t like the BBC version as much as the 90’s one, but they did Meg and John well. I thought they were really well cast and they put the proposal in! Not sure how you’d find the accents (Michael Gambon sounds as Irish as ever) but they’re not all British, haha.

        • Livia Rose

          When I watched the preview, I heard an Irish accent from one of the girls, but didn’t care to look up what part of Ireland (don’t know much about the difference accents there), but all I cared about was that they weren’t from the U.S. which rather important for that story; I’d want the same for a British story (Anne Hathaway in Nicholas Nickleby . . . cringe).

          • Catherine

            I think Beth is Welsh – but the other three are all American. I see your point though, although there are always exceptions – I liked Gwyneth Paltrow in Emma even though the accent grated a bit. And Renee Zellweger in Bridget Jones 🙂

  • Livia Rose

    I’ve got the stereotypical U.S. accent deafness (I probably wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t known because there are different accents in the U.S.; my worst was not knowing Finnick’s actor wasn’t American until one of my sister’s pointed out how terrible his accent was . . . I think some American accents sound terrible).

    And I’m not complaining about Christian Bale, lol. Although it would be nice to have an actor who looked like the book described, having some dark Italian heritage.

    I dislike Gweneth Paltrow and that version of Emma, so her as an American in that role was one of my least complaints.

  • Bri

    I agree that they should have kept in Meg and John’s proposal… it’s an adorable part of the story! And when Meg misses her family and starts chopping onions so John won’t feel hurt… I love that part so much, hahaha!!! I enjoyed reading your tag from Molly’s link :)! (Also… your blog font is CUTE!)
    Rejoicing in hope,
    Bri from

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