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10 Questions to Consider Before Addressing a Controversial or Sensitive Subject

If the answer to any of these is “no,” please stop right there and re-evaluate and be quiet.

  1. Is your desire to add a layer of concrete information or analysis?
  2. Are your emotions in check and are you well aware you might me wrong?
  3. Are you addressing a specific, well-defined, and significant issue?
  4. Are you an important voice for your sphere or forum?
  5. Is the issue or your understanding of it unique?
  6. Can you clearly define the error?
  7. Will you use formal and informal logic, scholarly resources, and critical reasoning with good interpersonal communication skills to address the error and point other people towards helpful resources?
  8. If there is good, will you acknowledge it?
  9. If someone offers a valid counter-point or counter-argument will you answer it?
  10. Are you going to change or align your own life with your views (not merely tell others how to act)?


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