Top Ten Tuesday: Significant Moments of Romantic Tension or Realization

Happy Valentine’s Day, The Top Ten Tuesday topic for today is a romance freebie, so I went with some interesting moments.

1. John Brooke’s proposal to Meg in Little Women. This is so classically funny.

2. Polly and Tommy’s love scene at the very end of An Old-Fashioned Girl. It is so absurd and so completely them. And “stopping for refreshments,” ha!

3. In Nomad, when Ivy finally “gets” it after Martin’s patience waiting (he didn’t woo or press her, just waited).

4. Marcus sweet, simple, proposal to Cottia. They know, they knew when he came back and saw her (Eagle of the Ninth).

5. Philippa Gorden’s letter to Anne regarding Jonas with the telling postscript (Anne of the Island). Peoples, that is the right way to do triangles. If the girl (or guy if it is guy, two girls which is unusual in my reading experience, I cannot think of one off the top of my head), cannot choose between two guys, she doesn’t care enough for either, duh. An entrance of a true love demonstrates that.

6. The throbbing-ly intense romantic scene at the end of North and South. Read between the lines for those not so subtle hints people. This is WAAAAY more romantic than the movie which is short, rushed, unromantic, and has Henry Lennox’s jealous snake face smashed right in the middle.

7. Whenever Mac catches Rose unawares with his absurd and persistent wooing, and she cannot remain dignified (Rose in Bloom).

8. Captain Wentworth’s letter in Persuasion. Oh, my what intensity and passion without any gushing or grossnesss. He is mainly and to the point as always, and WOW.

9. When Gay realizes she loves Roger and when he sees it (A Tangled Web).

10. The burglar in the library hullabaloo that gets Jim and Nora together thanks to Anne’s meddling in Anne of Windy Poplars.


  • Miss March

    Awww! So many favorite couples in this post! Meg and John. Tom and Polly. (Those two are ADORABLE! And I love the proposal scene!) Mac and Rose. *grins*

    Oh and Captain Wentworth’s letter!! Love it!

    I really need to read North and South again. It’s been too long! The ending scene in the book sounds MUCH better than the ending scene in the movie. 🙂

    • Livia Rose

      I’ve read North and South three times, but my sisters and I watched it recently . . . and I think I want to re-read it again. There is just SO much detail.

  • Cordy

    Love the North and South book ending. I’m not overly…upset about the movie ending, but it’s certainly NOT as amazing as the book ending! 😀

    I’m wondering if I should read Rose in Bloom again. I don’t remember being wowed by it the first time through, but I’ve seen that many people love it…hmmm.

    • Livia Rose

      I’ve read North and South three times (and want to read a fourth, almost every time I watch the miniseries I want to read the book), and I feel like I see more and more in it; I think I didn’t appreciate the book ending until I’d read it a few time.

      I’ve read Eight Cousins and Rose in Bloom twice at least, first as a teen I think (or I skimmed them), and then more recently. I just like homey sort of book, and I think these fit the bill. I don’t love Louisa May Alcott’s transcendental preachiness (which I’ve noticed more as I’ve gotten older), but I love the funny descriptions and characters (although Charlie drives me up the wall).

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