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Ten Lesser Known/Lesser Loved Couples from Movies

I’m writing this as part of Cordy’s A Lovely Blog Party.

1. Nick and Nora from The Thin Man mysteries (murder mysteries made in the 30’s and 40’s centered around a “retired” detective and his heiress wife and their escapades). Oh, my. Another blogger mentioned the films and the two protagonists and their chemistry, and I knew I had to see them . . . and now my sisters and I are hooked. Nick and Nora are so perfect; I love their constant banter that covers their deep caring, how he always tries to protect her in the goofiest ways, how she always tries to tag along on his mysteries, and I love their total trust and confidence in each other. #Relationshipgoals as one sister said.

2. Simon and Nicole in How to Steal a Million (a hysterical 1960’s movie starring Audrey Hepburn and Peter O’Toole; I know the film is famous or it used to be, but I haven’t heard much about it from my blog groups). From their first half-joking, half-real kiss to his insistence on irritating her and his pretended aloofness to his clear jealousy of the art connoisseur oaf to her “aha” moment which leads to their broom closet romantic moment, I love every bit of this romantic, absurd, adventure. Their chemistry and comedic timing are perfect.

3. Guard and Mattie in Friendly Persuasion (a 50’s movie about Quaker life in Civil War era Indiana starring Gary Cooper and Dorothy McGuire as the parents). These two are but a part of the entire adorable story of this movie, but such a cute, funny part. Mattie is very young and absurdly sentimental and childish, and Guard is older, suave, and manly and yet he loves her so genuinely.

4. Ingrid and Zeke from That Darn Cat (a 1960’s mystery/comedy; it is a scream). So they are barely a couple, but they start off so hilariously badly while he is so much more amazing than her joke of a first boyfriend that it is amazing to see the small steps to the start of what you know will be a romance.

5. Derek and Odette from Swan Princess. I only occasionally hear or read people mentioning this movie, but it is one of my family’s favorite animated movies. Ok, grown-up Derek and Odette are a bit boring, but the build-up to their relationship is wonderful, and they have a such a beautiful love song. And the movies is worth watching for all the parts, although the comedy is the best.

6. Nancy and Nick in Nancy Drew. This movie is so cute, and Nancy and Nick’s relationship made up of their teenage shyness and insecurity with Corky’s absurdity thrown in is hilarious and adorable.

7. Ray and Livvy from The Magic of Ordinary Days (a Hallmark Hall of Fame WWII era historical fiction). This is so sweet, he is especially sweet and selfless; the story is about a temporary arranged marriage to save the woman’s character, but they end up falling in love (he falls in love first which adds some bittersweet moments). I haven’t seen this in too long.

8. Algie and Cecily from The Importance of Being Earnest (and In Earnest which is an awesome, under–appreciated web series). I know the play is pretty famous, but I don’t think these two get enough attention. I love their bantering chemistry.

9. Mira and Arman from I am Dragon. I first heard about this film from this blog review. It is so unique, and the story is very much a fairytale that mixes a bit of the old traditional dark with a bit of the modern happiness.

10. Belle and Mr. Davinier from Belle (18th century historical film loosely based on the story behind a real painting of a biracial girl and her cousin). I love their relationship: the rocky beginning, the secrecy, the friendship, but oh the best part is when he is shouting, with tears in his eyes, “I love her!” to her adoptive father.

Many of these aren’t from proper romances. I do love romances, but I also love when stories that aren’t categorized as romances have romance in them.


  • Olivia

    Great list! I love a lot of these, too. And — YAY, SOMEONE ELSE WHO LIKES THE SWAN PRINCESS!!!!

    Ahem, sorry. I get a little excited about that film. 😉

    Have a great day! 🙂

    • Livia Rose

      Yeah, we love that movie; we introduced it to our sister-in-law on family vacation . . . and we were all basically quoting the entire movie (even I was, and I’m terrible with quotes).

  • Cordy

    Hehehe, Nick and Nora are a funny pair.

    Ha! I love That Darn Cat!

    Oh yes! The humor in Swan Princess is on point!

    YOU’VE SEEN BELLE?! That’s one fantastic movie, isn’t it?!! Belle and John. <3

    "I do love romances, but I also love when stories that aren’t categorized as romances have romance in them." I'm the same way. 🙂

    • Livia Rose

      We love the funny movies in our family. That Darn Cat makes us scream with laughter!
      I saw Belle mentioned on other blogs, but it wasn’t at our library (although, oddly since I thought it came after the movie, the book is) and then I got a deal on Google Play and watched it (and rewatched my favorite scene, when John yells of his love for her).

    • Livia Rose

      Corky is hilarious; I love how he ratcheted up the romantic tension between Nick and Nora, albeit unintentionally.
      Which of the Thin Man movies have you seen?

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