Ten Lesser Known/Lesser Loved Couples from Books

I’m joining in with Cordy’s Lovely Blog Party here. I love this, its basically a couples freebie for all of February, so low pressure. I’m going to include my Top Ten Tuesday post, write another one of these for movies, and do the tag Cordy made. And anything else that I feel like doing (I might do a small post on The Ordinary Princess and how it reminds me of the live-action Cinderella). I love learning about new stories, so if you have any unknown/under-appreciated couples to add, let me know in the comments.

  1. Martin and Ivy from Swift and Nomad. I loved Martin when he appeared in the first trilogy (Faerie Rebels), and Ivy is the perfect girl for him. I love their relationship and its complexity and progression. Martin doesn’t woo her (he isn’t like that and they have far more serious issues to think about), but he waits until she “gets” it. Rob and Linden from Rebel (the second Faerie Rebels book) are in second.
  2. Azalea and Lord Bradford from Entwined (I also love her next two sisters and their suitors; I’m trying to spoil too much here). Simple sweetness.
  3. Sophie and Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle. If you haven’t noticed, I don’t really care for sappy romances in which one or both characters are soppy, weak, and gushy. No thanks, that isn’t real romance. I need humor. And this is hilarious.
  4. The ordinary princess and her apprentice from An Ordinary Princess. I LOVED that connection to Cinderella although it is probably accidental. Friendship first, the romance, and then the revelations (actually this reminds me a LOT of the live-action Cinderella).
  5. Nell and Aquila from Lantern Bearers. My sister said they did not love each other. I’m sorry but yes, yes they did. I just love understated and intense. Their story is small in the huge picture of Aquila’s tortured life, but it is important. Another of my favorite elements to romance is intense and understated, and Rosemary Sutcliff does this well.
  6. Perry and Ilse from the Emily of New Moon trilogy (I cannot be happy about Teddy and Emily because I want to strangle them, mostly Teddy for his unmanly cowardice and weakness; that last book HURTS unbearably, I had to put it down for my last reread). I just love a child-hood based romance and besides these two are HILARIOUS individually and together.
  7. Marcus and Cottia from the Eagle of the Ninth. In the beginning Marcus is grown-up (although barely) and Cottia just a girl, so he takes a friendly interest at first, and I love that their friendship is the foundation for their romance. When he gets back, they are both thinking, “yes.” And that’s that.
  8. Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane from the Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries. Oh, my stars how I love them. His persistent wooing, her persistent resistance makes for a multitude of hilarious, and later, romantic scenes. Their romance combines intensity with laughter.
  9. Peter and Donna from A Tangled Web. From their absurd love at first site, to their awesome breakup to Donna’s illness and Peter’s absurd reaction, I love these two together. I also, in a quieter way like the quieter romance between Roger and Gay and their sweet little love scene after her realization.
  10. Judy Abbot and Jervis Pendleton from Daddy Long-Legs. The build-up. The unreasoning and hilarious jealously exhibited (unbeknownst to Judy) by Daddy Long-Legs. The reveal.


  • Cordy

    I’m so proud of myself for knowing a few of these couples. Hahaha. (Also, I hope you do a post on “The Ordinary Princess”.)

    2. I think Entwined had a couple cute couples. You only got small glimpses but they were still cute.
    4. Gosh, I haven’t read this book in forever.
    10. Admittedly, I am guilty of forgetting this couple. That reveal is great. It’s probably the best part of the book.

    • Livia Rose

      I actually only “met” couple #10 last year; I don’t remember hearing of it much until recently, so I was thrilled to find another book I loved.

      I’m hoping to work on The Ordinary Princess post this upcoming week. I will probably give a few notes of the other books also; I didn’t expand enough.

  • Olivia

    Cool! I’ve heard of almost none of those couples, but you’ve definitely made me interested in An Ordinary Princess, what with this and your tag answers. 🙂

    And I need to read some Rosemary Sutcliff! I’ve heard such good things.

    It’s fun reading about everyone’s favorite fictional couples. 🙂

    • Livia Rose

      An Ordinary Princess is darling. It reads at about Ella Enchanted level and is short and sweet.

      I adore Rosemary Sutcliff’s books, just make sure you stay in the ones for kids, the ones for adults are explicit in parts (I was stunned when reading them; I had NO idea). You can pull up the Wikipedia page for her to see which are which (that is how I found more of her books/series to read as well).

  • Elanor

    No one ever really mentions Perry & Ilse, but they were sweet, weren’t they? I agree with you about Teddy and Emily, for sure. They annoyed me quite a bit sometimes.

    • Livia Rose

      Perry and Ilse are so hilarious, you can tell she likes him from when they are small but he is infatuated (not in love) with Emily (more from habit really) and doesn’t have a clue.

      I want to knock Teddy and Emily’s heads together sometimes!

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