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February Goals

I think I got a little too ambitious for February, but we’ll see.

~Buy TEFL course and work on some other goals

~Start TEFL, work on other skills

~Work on habits chart and lose 5 pounds (try to aim for 50% completion rate on habits chart, at least for most important goals)
~Tech breaks: no tech on Sunday, 5 weekday tech-free days, 5 hour limit for at home days, 2 hour limit for work days, off by 7pm (probably should add tech control to habit chart)

Personal Development
~Reach 50% on Duolingo and equivalent on Tinycards
~Work on math, accounting, EQ, and interpersonal communication library books
~Listen to online library music

Travel and Explore
~Plan, ice skate

~Donate blood
~Finish gifts, plan baby blankets

Homemaking and Holidays
~Digital file conversion and back-up (work through this challenge I mentioned before)

Sewing and Making
~Finish 1-2 Craftsy and Creativebug classes
~Finish gifts, sewing with little girls, unfinished projects, and shadowbox

~Read 8+ new to me books, 2+ borrowed books, and 2+ unread of my own books
~Read a classic from another country (other than Russia and UK)
~Read from my category list
~Read 1+ Hemingway novel
~Complete most of Brothers of Karamazov
~Read 1+ book toward my U.S. history course
~Read poetry
~Read some essays

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