Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Can’t Believe I Read (or that I’m embarrassed I read or feel stupid that I read)

I’m linking up for Top Ten Tuesday on this blog.

  1. The Uglies (I’m pretty sure I lost half my I.Q. points for not putting this down immediately)
  2. Eragon (plagiarization from every fantasy and science fiction cult universe and terribly written)
  3. The Unwanteds (similar to above and so juvenile in the silly way)
  4. We Have Always Lived in the Castle (or rather I can’t believe how I reacted)
  5. Some of the Pixie Hollow series (yeah, well below middle grade)
  6. Some of the Princess Diaries series (can we say ditsy and shallow and rather vulgar?)
  7. The Selection trilogy (decadent, superficial, desperate, embarrassing, shallow, fickle, etc.; I didn’t finish all of them but I shouldn’t even have skimmed)
  8. So Much More (bizarre)
  9. Leatherstocking Tales (I didn’t finish these; this is more, “I can’t believe these are classics.”)
  10. Les Mis (I can’t believe I had that much discipline with a little, “Why is this a classic?”)

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