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Christmas and Winter Questionnaire Day Three: Favorites

I borrowed questions and ideas from: herehere, and here.

~Christmas movie: White Christmas

~Christmas story: So many, I need to see all our old Christmas stories. There is an adorable one about a snowman.

~Traditions: Our Christmas Eve and Day gatherings, watching as Hallmark as a family, etc.

~Christmas carol: I prefer the merrier sounding carols like “Here We Come A Wassailing”

~Christmas treats: Truffles, cake pops, meringue Christmas trees, gingerbread men, gingerbread, peppermint fudge, and cinnamon rolls.

~Favorite holiday drink: Hot chocolate. I would still like to try eggnog and wassail though.


If you would like to join in:

~Christmas movie:
~Christmas story:
~Christmas carol:
~Christmas treats:
~Favorite holiday drink:

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  • Amaris

    I enjoyed reading this post!
    YAY CAKE POPS. I need to make some more of those. This year was 'pretzel year', so all my friends got pretzels. 😀 Maybe next year I will do cake pops because I LOVE THEM. 🙂

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