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Summer Bucket List and My Art Journal

Watch tons of Classic Hollywood movies
This should be easy!
Read at least half of Classic Club list
Hmm. Not a priority.
Make lots of art and crafts
Well, I’ve put a lot of pressed flower art in my art journal, worked on redoing my first quilt, and worked on dresses for my sisters’ birthdays.
Spend time outside: stargaze, watch the sunset, swim, swing, catch lightening bugs, sleep outside
I’ve spent some time, but I need to make it more of a priority.
You would think this would be easy.
Go on several day-trips 
I’ve been to the zoo and a baseball game at our local university, and I want to plan one for my birthday.
Jane Austen Festival and local art festival
I’m doing the latter for certain..
Go on or at least schedule one major vacation
I meant myself, but our family is going on one in January
Take a trip with my grandparents
Work extensively on genealogy
Make frozen custard
I should’ve focused a bit more on, um, less costly options.

I had tons of pressed flowers, so I’ve worked on tons of pages for my art journal. I’ve rather more pressed flower pages than I would like, but I’m still learning this art journal thing. These are my best pages to date (05/26/2017), I think.

Didn’t that iris press gorgeously?!

My paper back copy of the Jane Austen novels split, so I decided to use the pages for crafts.

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  • Net - "It's a Wonderful Movie"

    Love your Summer-to-do list! So fun! I think it's an awesome idea to always plan and dream ahead! Love your idea of watching more classic movies. I always plan to do that, too… But need to make more of an effort to see those sweet classics, like some old Mickey & Judy movies, for instance! I blog about Hallmark and family TV family movies, so I definitely watch all of those, but would love to take the time to see some good oldies!

    Spending time outside is an absolute given… I love it, too!!! Plus, I adore Jane Austen books and movies… So, I hope you share lots of details on this festival!!! 🙂

    God's blessings!!! Happy Summer!!! Net 🙂


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