Ode to the Library

I LOVE the library. I really feel that I don’t get the library vibe from a lot of book bloggers, maybe we just forget to talk about it. But I know a lot of people buy books. I do like having books on hand, but I need to know I love them, and right now, I need space and money.
I grew up going to the library constantly. I loved the county library system where I grew up which we used for school and fun. And I loved my childhood church library where we often checked out our favorites ad nauseam. Nostalgia, people.
We don’t have a great church library, and our county library system consists of one library, and although expanded, doesn’t have a great selection, but I still use it occasionally (it is nice to make a quick movie run). I can use the big city library if I pay taxes or pay for a card.
I love:
~Using both our county library and the city library the next county over
~Ordering all the books from the various city locations and picking them up in one place
~Using the self-checkout
~Getting interlibrary loans
~Keeping loads of books on my designated library book shelf (I really need two)
~Suggesting purchases (I think the library bought all of them)
~Checking out movies, particularly ones that Netflix and Amazon wouldn’t have 
~Listening to Great Courses lectures while I knit
I barely skimmed what our libraries offer; our city library also has:
~Links to online courses
~Digitized old newspapers (I used this for college)
~Reading challenges (the little girls have completed some of these, and we used to do this at our county library when we were younger and in another county)
~Bookmobile for those who cannot easily access the library
~E-books for those that like those
~Audiobooks for those that like those
~Ask-A-Librarian (I think I may have used this, but I was/am trying to find a book by vague memory of illustration and plot . . . I have nothing else, so that is hard, and unsuccessful thus far)

~Historical archives (at the downtown location)

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