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Robin Hood Week Link Up

I’m joining here for Olivia@Meanwhile in Rivendell’s Robin Hood Week tag.

What was your first exposure to Robin Hood?
I can’t remember. The basic story is common knowledge.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how big of a fan are you?
Maybe a 7?
How many versions and spin-offs of the legend have you experienced?
The first that I can remember is when Robin Hood appears in Ivanhoe (Mom read this to us, and I’ve seen a couple versions). I think I read or skimmed The Adventures of Robin Hood by Roger Lancelyn Green. I’ve watched the animated Robin Hood movie, and I watched the first two seasons of the BBC Robin Hood. After Marian died and I heard a bit about the 3rd season, I decided it was too sacrilegious (like the 3rd unmentionable Anne movie, though I did watch that and annoyed my family with my raving; of course, the first two are inaccurate also but the inaccuracy increases from movie to movie). I think Howard Pyle has a Robin Hood book, and I’d like to watch the Errol Flynn Robin Hood movie and Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Those are all I know of, but I’m open to more.
What is your favorite version of Robin Hood (can be book, movie, TV series, anything)?
The BBC miniseries. This version is so inaccurate both as to the myth and the possible historical period, that the issue doesn’t matter to me (I must have either perfect or awful). I just find it, particularly I think the second season, so fun.

Are you one of the lads? (Meaning, have you watched/are you a fan of the BBC show?)
Yes. Alan is my man.

Who is your favorite Merry Man?
Alan. My favorite couple is Will and Djaq, and I don’t think they get enough time.

Do you have a favorite portrayal of Lady Marian?
The fox Marian? The first season of BBC Marian is a self-righteous brat, but then she matures.

Do you have any interest in or aptitude at archery?

Fact or fiction — which do you think? 
Perhaps like King Arthur there might be some very slight shadow of fact, but it is majorly myth.

Do you think Robin Hood has been “done to death,” or are there still new twists that can be found?
Oh, no. I’m always up for retellings of myths, legends, fairytales, books, etc.


  • Olivia

    Thanks so much for doing this, Livia! 😀

    "Alan is my man." SAAAAAAME. <3

    I just watched the Errol Flynn one! It was quite fun. 🙂

    I ahem disagree with your summary of BBC S1 Marian, but to each her own. ;D

    Thanks again! Also, I really like the look of your blog. It's so unique and pretty. 🙂 Have a great day!

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