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The Other Movies I’ve Watched This Quarter

I’ve watched 5 new Hallmark movies: Love on Ice (eh), A Royal Winter (adorable), Birthday Wishes (hilarious), Love Blossoms (gorgeous setting and scenery and fun story with decent actors for Hallmark), and Campfire Kiss (absurd and with bad actors, even for Hallmark).

I’ve watched 7 more miscellaneous films and miniseries, which I organized by date.

Sword in the Stone, 1963

The Great Mouse Detective, 1986
This is Sherlock Holmes for mice which is a funny concept, but I thought the movie too sad and scary for an animated children’s film. Boring for adults.

Henry V, 1989
While I prefer the Hollow Crown version, I enjoyed this film. I like the play or at least the performance of it. I don’t enjoy every single minute, but the speech is thrilling, the fencing of words and challenges with the French is interesting, and the courtship charming. I love Henry’s stalwartness and dignity.

Howl’s Moving Castle, 2004
I need to re-read this book because I don’t remember much, and I think the filmmakers changed quite a bit. Also, I didn’t care for the anime; Howl is SO effeminate despite Christian Bale’s awesome voice.

Little Dorrit, 2008
I read the novel a couple of years ago, so I didn’t remember everything. And watching a creepy, disturbing story is different than reading it. Andy Serkis’ character is truly a psychopath, and I do think the filmmakers made some parts worse (although everything fit in with Dicken’s story) plus violence is worse when watched. I skipped some scenes and would skip more next time, so be warned.

The miniseries captures the story brilliantly. I thought the plot, most of the characters, and scenery excellent. Amy and Arthur are perfect. I loathed Matthew McFadyen as Mr. Darcy, but what little else I’ve seen of him, I’ve liked, and I LOVED him here; Arthur Clennam’s character is perfect for him (I had a eureka moment after pondering all this, and realized he would be the perfect Colonel Brandon).

Letters to Juliet, 2010

Austenland, 2013
Although this film is rift with objectionable aspects and has a super awkward heroine, I did enjoy it well. And I loved J.J. Fields (especially in modern clothes at the end).


  • Karen Andreola

    Hello Livia Rachelle, It is interesting to come across someone who has read the novel "Little Dorrit" by Charles Dickens. Wow, there are 44 characters in "Little Dorrit" to keep track of. (My copy has a list of them after the preface which I needed to refer to from time to time.) I prefer the film done in 1987 with Derek Jacobi, Alec Guinness, and Joan Greenwood. I think you'd like it. Karen Andreola

  • Livia Rachelle

    I love the Dickens books that have all the characters listed in the beginning, several of the ones in that I check out from the library have had those. I haven't counted all the characters though.

    I'll have to look up that movie version.

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