Literary Journey via Literary References in Little Women: Poetry and Songs

I cannot vouch for these works; I just thought a list would be fun to compile of these references.I haven’t read any of these or I don’t remember if I have. I may have read “Bonnie Dundee,” I certainly plan to after reading the Sutcliff novel of the same name.

How many have you read?

“A Dream of Fair Women” Tennyson
“Bonnie Dundee” Scott
“Come Ye Disconsolate” by Thomas More and Thomas Hastings
“Do You Know the Country” by Goethe in Wilhelm Meister’s Apprenticeship
“Endymion” Keats
“Evelyn Hope” Robert Browning
“Judas Maccabeas” Handel (an oratorio)
“Lakes of Killarney” by Lady (Sydney) Morgan (I couldn’t find any information about this, perhaps the author featured this ballad in a book)
“Land O’ the Leal” by Richard Burns
“Little Jenny Wren”
“Nothing to Wear” (Flora McFlimsey is mentioned)
“The Rainy Day” Longfellow

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