I Wasn’t Tagged But I’ll Answer Anyway

I decided I wanted to answer the questions from the Sunshine Blogger Award post here.

1.)  Is there a particular fictional genre to which you keep returning? (i.e. period drama, action, fantasy, etc.)
Probably period drama and fantasy.

2.)  What type of toothpaste do you use? (‘Cause I’m weird like that.)
When I can I prefer to use natural toothpaste. I’d been using this one for awhile, but now I just use whatever Mom buys.

3.)  In general — can be for yourself or for others or for both — do you prefer straight, curly, or wavy hair?
I have “straight” with body and while I would prefer more curl or wave, I’m pretty happy with how mine keeps waves, curls, straightening when I style my hair.

4.)  Do you like musicals?
I’m not naturally drawn to musical theater (I’m not musically and am rather sensitive in the irritable way, to sound), but after awhile I grew to love The Phantom of the Opera.

5.)  What is your third favorite season?
Summer probably. I like Spring and Fall because they are “fresh” (as in warm after two cool seasons, and cool after two warm seasons) and mild. Summer and Winter both get monotonous, but although I hate heat, I like bright and happy, so I would probably prefer Summer over Winter. Hello, I’m an overthinker.

6.)  Jewelry — yea or nay?
Necklace and earrings. But eventually I get ready to take those off.

7.)  Have you seen any of the live-action remakes of the classic Disney movies (MaleficentCinderellaAlice in WonderlandThe Jungle Book, etc.)?  If so, what are your thoughts on them?
I’ve seen Maleficent (meh, I don’t like when famous actors/actresses dominate the movies plus scary AND boring, yes its possible), Beauty and the Beast (my expectations were very low by the time I saw it, I enjoyed it better than I thought I would, I mean it felt “Disney” in some way), Mirror Mirror (hilarious, not a serious adaptation), and Cinderella (ruined me for any other adaptation, nothing can top this).

8.)  Are you adept at cookery?
If I am paying attention.

9.)  Is there anybody you really wish would start a blog?  
I wish people wouldn’t STOP blogging or change their direction to something narrow and commonplace. I wish anyone near my age would start classic bookish blogs and maker blogs. I feel like my blogosphere is shrinking, and I don’t know how to find good blogs. I wonder if more people are turning to other social media like Instagram (sorry, not as interesting, inspiration, or thoughtful).

10.)  Do you know what your Myers-Briggs personality is?  If so, do share.
I’ve gotten ISTP most often, but also ISTJ and INTP. None of them fit me closely at all. Bear in mind that this is NOT a scientific or serious test. The only sensible part is the I-E continuum, and I’m more of an ambivert. Myers-Briggs is only fun if it isn’t taken as gospel.

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