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Extrovert, Introvert, Ambivert . . . Personality Tests and Research Are SO Much Fun

I love all sorts of personality/character tests . . . from Harry Potter House Placement (Ravenclaw through and through, peoples) to the scientifically questionable MBTI knockoffs to the Big Five test.

Generally, on the free Meyers Briggs tests I get the same answers, but the percentages change (I have taken some a couple times). Also, some the descriptions don’t match well. I know of the problems with Meyers Briggs and agree (particularly the thinking or feeling issue), but I still find it fun, particularly when so many people assign the types to book and movie characters. I am seriously considering taking some paid tests, including the MBTI.

I recently learned about Ambiverts. Duh, people. A lot of the descriptions of introverts and extroverts are pretty extreme. And people in the middle are not all similar either; there are those who are steady and balanced in their middle characteristics, and then there are those who swing from side to side and their characteristics “average” out in the middle.

Take a quick test on the Quiet Revolution. And if you are introverted, what kind of introvert are you? Recognizing Meyers Briggs personality types in real life.

Kindred Grace has posted tons of articles and links about personality types and various tests. Here is the link to their resource lists.

The Enneagram Institute has a free, shorter form of the enneagram test on their website here (homepage).

Here is the link to a long Big Five personality test.

Also, this is kind of hilarious point of view (a lot of the personality types act like everyone is sweet and sensitive). Speaking of sensitive narcissists, have you seen this hilarious Emo Kylo Ren twitter? I discovered it from this blog post.

And this is not personality, but after reading Ultraviolet, I found synesthesia interesting, especially as I noted that this sensory disorder/superpower explains certain ways L.M. Montgomery described concepts in her novels. Unfortunately, I am not remotely synesthetic (is that a word; it needs to be for explanatory purposes), but I find it interesting to hear about anyway. So, here are some tests of the different types of synesthesia.


  • Livia Rachelle

    I sometimes end up getting a different set of letters for Meyers-Briggs. I'm not one of the people with an "this is me to a tee" and Meyers-Briggs isn't scientific, but it is so fun to just play around and learn a bit about personalities with all the tests. And of course find which book or movie character I'm allegedly like.

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