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Winter Bucket List

~Make shimmery snowflake garland with silver thread. Surely I can manage this.
~Bake several goodies. I’ve a couple baking books plus tons of bookmarks.
~Try some hot chocolate recipes. I’d really like to try some of the gourmet ones I’ve saved.
~Cook through a cookbook. This one; I love it.
~Read well. I want to be well on my way to my goal. I already am I think, but pride before the fall, lol.
~Learn to play Scotland Yard (if not also Mr. X, Whist, and Bridge).
~Work on music category. Learning, appreciating, etc.
~Begin serious genealogy. I can do plenty to prep before I pay I think.
~Wedding projects and purchases (by March 30). I haven’t got my dress and want to keep my eye out but not become to delayed.
~Have some spa days. I’d like to use up some products plus try a few recipes.
~Go ice skating. We’ll see.
~Complete Duolingo Spanish. Since I’m down to learning one language, this is reasonable.
~Watch a bunch of movies from my list. I just need to order a bunch from the library and this should be easy.
~Alter my sister’s bridesmaid dress. We all get to pick our dresses; they have to be short and blue or gray, so my three little sisters have theirs. The one I need to alter is a sheath, and I will be taking in the darts.
~Complete tons of knitting and a few sewing projects
~Work on my art journal. I’ve done a bit with my amazing new calligraphy pens, but I need to be more creative in my entries.
~Complete some art via classes. (Craftsy, Creativebug, and several YouTube channels).

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