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What’s in My Purse (Right Now)

As of 1/7 this is most of what is in my purse. I love my J. Crew magic wallet that I bought on ebay last year. The bottle you cannot read is natural hand sanitizer; I need to remember to use it.
The content of my purse changes and in summer I have sunglasses. I’d like to have a small beauty bag, a small comb, a tissue compact, a Swiss card or knife, and a first aid kit. I probably should carry a small bottle of SPF. I probably could minimize the sewing kit. I’d like a new umbrella.
For that amount of stuff my purse is rather large. I like to have plenty of room to stuff my bullet journal, books, and etc. as I need. I bought this B. Makowsky purse at Clothes Mentor for $30 around 2 years ago. I love it.

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