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Here are some of my favorite YouTube videos over the last few months. Some of them literally make me scream with laughter. Most large YouTubers don’t deserve any attention, and some small ones could use a little more. I know a lot of these are spoofs or spinoffs of famous ones (those get enough attention and are sometimes too ironic to swallow).

Adler Davidson
YouTube existential crisis
Internet Famous
Response Video (my favorite . . . partially because the condescension and sanctimoniousness of original video made me want to puke)

Blimey Cow. They get better and better. They have actual talent, I think. The channel is like the Onion.
I Hate You 2016
Extroverts Are People Too
How to Deal with Annoying Family During the Holidays
And of course You Might Be a Homeschooler If 8
Why You Absolutely 100% Must Vote (Seriously)

The Game of Life IRL

John B. Crist
How Christian Music is Made The poke at country was funny, too.
Get Offended
Every Family Christmas Photoshoot
Millennial International

An unlikely source of humor, especially self-deprecating humor.

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