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Movies I Watched in 2016

This doesn’t include rewatches.

Recently Released (2015-2016)
Bridge of Spies. Thrilling, provokes some intellectual thought, and Tom Hanks is brilliant.
Brooklyn. Cute, but Tony really makes the movie, everything else is rather bland (except Domhnall Gleeson).
Captain American: Civil War
Guardians of the Galaxy
Star Wars: Episode VII. I was too gullible in thinking highly of this; STAR WARS FANS liked it, and I don’t fall into that category. That being said, I will still probably watch the whole series, old, middle, and new.
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
The Martian. Watched because Dad wanted us too; another one of those interesting plot but overall ridiculous, crude, poorly acted, etc.
The Mockingjay Part Two. Way to give as little Peeta and Katniss romance as possible, people.
Zootopia. The PC and message here were so absurd and suBtle it was hard to completely enjoy this.

Recent Decades
Belle. Overly modern and fanciful in some aspects, but perfectly correct in the idea that people know exactly when they are doing wrong. And wow, the love story.
Big Hero Six. Animated movies shouldn’t be sad 🙁
Bridge to Terebithia. So sweet.
Leap Year. Hilarious.
Polar Express
The Phantom of the Opera. I think I watched the movie for the first time this year, but I’m not absolutely sure.
Tuck Everlasting. Hello, from Miss Flakey, but Jesse sounded like such a pipsqueak which is unfortunate because he is so adorable. And we didn’t appreciate the attempted “deepness” of the story.  Boring, selfish, stifled, pragmatism. Just go with Jesse. We all said we would’ve.

Classic Hollywood
A Penny Serenade
An Affair to Remember
Annie Get Your Gun. Stupid. Howard Keel is so far above everyone else in this film in talent its absurd.
His Girl Friday
How to Steal a Million. I cannot overstate how good this is. An amazing about of quotable lines.
I Was a Male War Bride. This was in the set Mom got me for my birthday. Its really raunchy and suggestive although quite funny. And one of her outfits (nightgown) is extremely immodest (worse than some modern things). I’m always rather shocked at how raunchy and immodest old movies are sometimes. I think we’ve blinded ourselves. We shouldn’t be shocked at how the 60’s turned out; culture trails Hollywood.
Little Men
Made for Each Other
State Fair
The Snows of Kilimanjaro

Lonesome Dove. Skipped parts and didn’t finish and should’ve stopped sooner and wouldn’t recommend based on violence and general immorality and moral murkiness (that is the best that can be said of the so-called “good guys” and its probably too good).


I can keep track of my books via Goodread, but movies are harder. This list is from my blog and memory and are mostly from the last half of the year, so if I watched any early in the year and didn’t blog, well, they are forgotten (and those from my early January 2016 post I most likely watched most or all of them 2015). All but two of the classic Hollywood I watched when I had Amazon Prime briefly, so that accounts for a considerable portion of my movie viewing which seems larger than normal. I reviewed most of the oldies and will add a few notes to this list.

I didn’t go to the movie theatre once in 2016.

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