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Christmas Gifts

I got two pretty bowls from the $5 exchange and “I Love This Yarn” (I exchanged the acrylic for cotton; she thought the brand was all cotton, I think. I love that Hobby Lobby carries this nice feeling cotton with tons of colors) from Mom on Christmas Eve. This was on my list.

On Christmas Day from my parents I received Ghirardelli dark chocolate and caramel bar, two oranges, gloves, leggings, fuzzy socks (with aloe inside), a purse (the lady from church who made it said she could exchange, because she forgot I liked the bottom of the purse unpinched, so I will be getting a different purse later), a sweatshirt, and a nice seam ripper that can be sharpened or have the head replaced as needed.

My future BIL drew my name and got me 2 Piano Guys C.D.s (E gave him my list).

Mamau and Papau bought me a copy of The Book Thief, a sewing book, a necklace and earrings set, and a left-handed calligraphy set with five nibs and four colors of ink. All but the jewelry was from my list! I LOVE the pens; that slant makes a HUGE difference in my ability to make the proper strokes.

Wow, I love gift lists. I got a nice mix of gifts from my list and other. I think that everyone liked what I gave them too although I don’t know what E’s boy thinks; he’s hard to read, all things considered, I think I did a good job.

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