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Christmas Bucket List Completion

~Gingerbread house. I showed photos earlier. It was super cute and tasty even though it wasn’t durable.
~Christmas Cookie exchange. I made these Peppermint Meltaway Cookies.
~Watch Christmas singalong. We watched the two from our childhood.
~Try a Couple hot chocolate variations. Nope, I just put extract in mine but didn’t try any of my pinned recipes. I can put this on my winter bucket list though.
~Bake a fruitcake for Mamau and Papau. Yes, but I would’ve preferred to have rum to use to make it more flavorful and authentic.
~Make truffles for Christmas Eve. Didn’t have the chocolate or the time.
~Bake some Christmasy goodies. Didn’t have much time or inclination for more.
~Make shimmery snowflakes for room. Not yet. I’m going to move this to my January bucket list.
~12 Days of Christmas blogging. I’m going to give myself credit. I blogged quite a bit about Christmas; I think this may have been too restrictive.
~Buy, make, and wrap all gifts by the 21st. This didn’t happen. I wrapped a Christmas Eve gift on Christmas Eve and a Christmas gift on Christmas (although we celebrated it Monday).
~Read Christmas stories. I read Christmas with Anne and one story from the third collection of Christmas from the Heart.
~Watch a couple of old Christmas movies. White Christmas and Its a Wonderful Life.
~Watch tons of Hallmark. Of course although I think I may take a break if possible next year.

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