Books I Read in 2016 and Reading Plans for 2017

I LOVE Goodreads “Your Year in Books.” Is this new? I read 52 books and 15,278 pages. Per usual, I waited until the end of the year to set a challenge in order to see how much I read, and of course I set far more than I could actually finish at that point. With my openness of time and how much I wasted on the Internet, I could have fit many more scholarly books and fiction.

Only four of my books were nonfiction. So much for my loft goals. Actually, though I’m proud of that two of those books were scholarly monographs of almost 1,000 pages. And I think that I’ve truly adjusted my motivation to fit in a more intensive nonfiction list this year. I’ve kept my lists from last year and will use them as a guide, but I work better with greater flexibility, so my plans are to double down on scholarly nonfiction, Christian nonfiction I own or Mom recommends (i.e. Sunday reading) although I want to be careful just because it is Christian and/or nonfiction doesn’t make it meaty or helpful or good (looking at you Amazing Grace), and quality fiction.

As far as new fiction, I’ve had a pretty mediocre year; I wasn’t super thrilled with a lot of this, and I need to work on learning to ascertain quality, quickly and working to finish harder classics that are worthwhile . . . The Way We Live Now doesn’t qualify.

A Light in the Window
A Little Taste of Poison
A Pocket Full of Murder
A Tangled Web
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
All the Light We Cannot See
At Home in Mitford
Ballet Shoes
Black Fox of Lorne
Christmas with Anne
Code Name Verity
Dawn Wind
Early Candlelight
Fahrenheit 451
Frontier Wolf
Gathering Blue
I Am the Messenger
Jane of Lantern Hill
Magic for Marigold
Mississippi Bridge
Out of the Silent Planet
Outlaws of Time: The Legend of Sam Miracle
Rainbow Garden
Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry
Silver in the Blood
Song of the Trees
Star of Light
Stiff Upper Lip Jeeves
Summer of My German Soldier
Sunshine Sketches of a Small Town
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
The Blythes are Quoted
The Friendship
The Key to Extraordinary
The Light Beyond the Forest
The Magician’s Elephant
The Making of a Marchioness
The Outsiders
The Secret at Pheasant Cottage
The Tanglewoods’ Secret
The Tatooed Potato and Other Clues
The Vicar of Wakefield
The Way We Live Now
The Wind in the Willows
Thimble Summer

Albion’s Seed
Going Solo
Native American Testimony
The Saltwater Frontier

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