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Christmas Break

I bought my final Christmas gifts on Tuesday (I think) and then finished school on Wednesday. This feels like freedom, but I only had to work intensively (and I mean intensively in my terms) the last like 3 weeks, because I’m a procrastination queen. I was reading a Buzzfeed (shDould really stop) compilation about the tragedies of college, and I wondered, “o people really find it that hard?” I’d only be crying if I had to write a term paper in um, a very short amount of time, not because I was loaded with work all the rest of the time (short papers are a breeze), but because I dread long papers and am, as aforementioned, a procrastination queen. I was the one that gave myself (or my Hermione Granger sister) mini-heart attacks because I was printing papers off moments before class, or, as the case this semester, uploading a paper and PowerPoint 5″ until midnight (when it was due). How much is a really loaded course and how much is procrastination? That’s what I want to know. I almost always took 18 credits (more two semesters). I guess if you have a decent job it is hard, but I still don’t think I would’ve found it so had I to work more hours, I had so much time left. I feel like it was all me.

Anyway, despite not having a hard semester, I feel like saying, “I’m free!!!!!” Except I have several knitted Christmas gifts to do. I just finished an adorable cupcake hat for a belated birthday present and a week or so ago a cowl for another gift. I will probably do a lump post of knitted items once I get the Christmas ones done (they won’t see them).

I also plan on purging. I’ve got stacks of books I need to return or sell, I want to go through my paper crafts and art stuff again. And my sewing. I need to work on my art journal (and show it here) too. I want to consign our bridesmaid dresses from my brother’s wedding since they are all in my closet! (I need to show the dress I got for my sister’s wedding, too).

I’ve got several items of baking on my holiday bucket list. The week after next we have our cookie exchange. I’m making these cookies (I found them here, via Blogmas). I also want to make good fruitcake for my grandparents; last year Papau was a bit annoyed by all the jokes surrounding fruitcake, and he and Mamau said a local company, decades ago, made lovely versions. I think I’ve bookmarked Alton Brown’s recipe.

In addition to the loads of movies I obtained from our libraries, I also requested some Christmas books. I have a few, but I would like to expand my Christmas reading experience. I received some help from this post.

She’s Hermione as to schoolwork and grades, but I’m the in class know-it-all Hermione; I’ve been ignored for talking too much, but then there were the classes where I said hardly a peep, looking at you “Environmental History of the U.S.” Course selections stank badly for such a regulated program). My littlest sisters having been having a Harry Potter marathon. I joined in some although I’m rather sick of the movies. 

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  • Olivia K. Fisher

    I feel you regarding procrastination! (glances at pile of homework that needs to be done by tomorrow) Yeah, I really can't wait for winter break! I only have two weeks off and the second half will likely be spent working on my Chemistry project, but at least we have some time. Only one-hundred-and-five days until spring break! 🙂


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