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Blogmas Day 11: Stocking Stuff Ideas Link Post

I have collected several gift posts including a few on stocking stuffers

Here is one from nourishing minimalism Gift cards, food, seeds, candy, hats, gloves, scarves, socks, etc. are good minimalist gifts.

Here is one from A Modern Mrs. Darcy I particularly love the bookish, letter writing, and artsy ideas, particularly the washi tape and pens. Stamps, stickers, paper punches, a lot of small art journal items like that are lovely.

Mom is giving seed packets to her friends, but I love the stocking stuffer idea.

Mom always gives us fruit (I LOVE when we each get our own pomegranate) and chocolate. I think we’ve gotten Tic Tacs before too.

The coupon idea doesn’t always have to be for kids; I made one from all of us girls for Dad to watch a movie he keeps mentioning with him.

Activities are always a good idea; Mom bought the little girls ice skating necklaces and lessons one year.

Beauty items like nail polish, barrettes, and headbands are always appreciated.

A lot of these items are good for our $1 family stocking and the $5 gift exchange.

The gifts I bought my little sisters before we decided to draw names will go in their stockings (they are adorable; I will do a post of the gifts I’m giving later).

I personally would like a couple balls of “I Love This Yarn.”

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