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More Old Movies on Amazon Prime and AFI’s Top Old Hollywood Actors and Actresses List

Made for Each Other (1939)
A little humor, sweetness, romance, and drama. I liked it much better than Penny Serenade (I considered the simple home life genre similar), but it received much poorer ratings. Jimmy Stewart (and what a man: Reagan Republican and WWII hero!) is much handsomer and nicer seeming than Cary Grant (who I think is fit for romantic comedy, emphasizing the comedy).

An Affair to Remember (1957)
Again, I like Cary Grant in comedy, not gushing romantic movies; I cannot take him seriously in a serious role. I found this plot boring and frothy. And wow, was the main woman stupid. And I thought her first boyfriend much handsomer . . . and he was probably nicer. She was just such a goose. However, this line from Grant’s character is hilarious, “I’ll just take my ego for a walk.”

Annie Get Your Gun (1950)
This was SO stupid. Howard Keel is handsome (he looks so different without a mustache) and the song, “I Can Do Anything Better Than You” is hilarious. But the music wasn’t very good, the acting and singing of the Annie Oakley actress was awful, and the plot was tedious. I skipped through much of the movie. I had watched a clip of the song before, and I should’ve just done that again. It was disappointing because the singers were not equal in talent.

Also, you should check out the American Film Institutes 100 Years . . . 100 Stars. What do you think of the categorization? And how many of these have you seen? I feel like I have seen more men from this list than women. Even though neither Humphrey Bogart nor Cary Grant are my favorites, I can understand why they are near the top.

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