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Guardians of the Galaxy

Years ago, a blogger mentioned the magnitude of civilian death in Superman: Man of Steel. I feel that it actually wasn’t near as much as most superhero movies, but I have been more sensitive to this issue since that blogger pointed it  out, and what with the violence in our nation, criticism of our guns laws, and Islamic extremist, I am thinking more and more of violence and the attitude toward life.

I am trying to realize that America HAS committed crimes. I am trying to understand that we have done great thing and we have done horrible things, but that the horrible things do not outweigh the great and that we have not been overall as evil as many/most nations and continents. Balance and facts, peoples.

Even if someone is evil, I don’t think you should rejoice in that person’s death, and the Sadism in some of the wars and etc.

Anyway, people were so casual about life in this movie. I mean, really, really. And nothing else about the movie stood out as spectacular.

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